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by:Winbridge      2019-11-07
The device is mounted directly on the input jack of the amplifier for the best and most transparent sound.This fader is similar to the function of other Fader such as fiber optic Fader, Weber Fader and digital Fader.The final attenuation reduces the amplitude or power of the signal in a waveform without losing the truth.
According to its basic principle, this kind of Fader has a fixed resistance, which is connected in series with the signal and the switchable variable grounding resistance.The Fader provides the signal load for the amplifier output transformer circuit in a simple way.This loaded signal will be active-Power amplification circuit.
The power supply signal is then transmitted to the speaker by the attenuation.Here are some of the features of electronic equipment: maximum output 100 W, non-Step continuous volume controller, bedroom switch, true bypass switch, dual horn output jack, plexi switch, 100 V tap fixed AC output, silent cooling fan, variable line level output, and allSteel structure.100 V fixed ac splitters protect amplifier assemblies and tubes.
At the same time, use the bedroom switch in settings that require low volume.The Plexi switch is designed to modify the top response.One of the benefits of this fader is that it can switch from 120 V to 240 V, which means it can be used anywhere in the world.
According to several product reviews, this type of fader is safe and reliable.Because it uses a 30 ohm load resistor, the final fader can receive a signal load of 4, 8, 16 ohms from the guitar amplifier.The company even offers a 2 ohm version of the product.
The attenuator is built inIn low-impedance power amplifiers, strong high-frequency response is helpful.The product also offers low volume sound with minimal impact.The resistor does not change even if the user turns off the device.
Even with the old and non-Master volume version of Marshall amplifier.The FADER is also compatible with the Mullard power supply tube.However, a negative aspect of the product is the use of a 30 ohm load.
According to critics, no matter which amplifier is used, the use of a 30 ohm load will reduce power.Some users even suggest enhancements to the product, such as adding switches to boost bass or treble frequencies.In addition, many users find this type of fader very expensive.
This is because there are other good devices on the market that are sold at a lower price.The latest version is the Nude 24 location model.This nude color unbalanced attenuation model is more transparent and cheaper because there is no chassis.
However, one drawback of this model is that it cannot be installed correctly in any input jack ratio.75 inch from the center
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