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by:Winbridge      2019-10-05
Adjust your spiritPut affirmative words into music and share your spiritual CD series with you in the spirit of love.We have been studying and experiencing how universal laws affect our lives when applied (and when not applied.In all this learning and practice, we are looking for a way to truly serve the higher good.
Our family is in harmony.
We really enjoyed being together.
Our prayers serve together while continuing to learn and practice the principles of truth.Our prayers were answered and we were encouraged to share the power of praise in words and songs.These materials are designed to allow listeners/participants to experience more happiness, health, wealth and happiness.
When speaking and singing the same word of truth with the left and right brains, the mind and mind will ascend.Encourage daily practice in order to be consistent with all the good things that exist equally.Our prayer now is for those who use this method to experience the ascension of everyday life.
With practice, this becomes a new consciousness: a sense of joy, a state of gratitude, a song of praise from the heart.Tune your spirit is a 4-Part series, which can now be downloaded as digital.Happiness, health, wealth and happiness are part of the 4 Series.
Buy wealth and happiness for $15 and get happiness and health for free.The total value of the series is $30.This is only a special offer for Asoma users.You can access the web page at any time by clicking on your mental graphics.
Read on to learn more: Let's take a look at the transformative qualities of music first;Then we will explore the inner power of speaking.We will understand why the combination of these factors is the key to accelerating our acquisition of the power of the universe.After listening to a piece of music, just pay attention to how you feel, what does it make you feel?Usually, the concert makes you feel more excited, more energetic and more energetic.
Why?Let me have a look.
What is music?Music is the vibration, wave and frequency of the sound, when played in a way that is Concession, unity or harmony.These resonance frequencies affect the action or inaction of the emotional center.As some of you already know, learned from Masters and teachers, everything in our universe is vibrating.
We live in the ocean of sports.
We can also tell you that music is multi-dimensional beyond time and space.It is not just the sound, but the actual movement of the sound vibration at different frequencies, creating music, melody and harmony.This is helpful to people.When music flows through our bodies, it is the key to opening up the emotional center, stimulating the memory and nerve center.
We know that one of the reasons music stimulates these emotional centers, especially memory centers, is the effect of advertising ringtones and sound bytes such as Intel signature sounds.Or when your favorite song pops up in your head?You are often sent back to a specific event.It is not just an emotional attachment, it is an actual memory attachment to sound, music.
Music resonated with us.
This is called resonance, and when you vibrate at the same frequency or level as the music, it goes directly into our cellular memory structure and then it's easier to retrieve.Like the song you can't get rid.An example of resonance: you can sing or hum to a guitar or piano.You will find that when you hear a certain note, the corresponding piano or guitar string will start to vibrate to that frequency and then vibrate againListen to you.
We are all like this.
We find frequency levels between each other, things we like and things we don't like.This is the way to attract or reject things according to the level of vibration.So music is key to changing a lot of things inside us.
In fact, it can wash us, wash our bad memory features, and instill pleasant and ideal memory features.Now, this is a very encapsulated view of the vibration of the music sound.Now, when we attach a positive word, we add another component to it.
We use words every day, some are good, some are not good.When we use affirmative words in the process, we use many important laws.First, the law of psychological activities, that is, "thoughts produce their own kind ".
"So what we want to do is to keep an ideal idea in our thinking activities so that it can produce the most ideal fruit.2nd the law is the power of the word spoken, and this is "Please, you will receive it "."" There was the word at first, there was no word, nothing was done.
\ "So the words are dynamic because they are created.Speaking is the breath of God.So let's see what happens when we talk.You take a breath and fill your lungs with air: This is the energy of light, life.The air runs through your throat, the music box of the heart;It is a center of strength or a Chakra: a very powerful place.
It's like a vibrating amplifier of thought.You bring that idea out of something you can't see and into something you can see.Another thing that happens when we say a word is that our lips shape the word.
Our lips shape this slight vibration into words.We shape and shape the universal material, which is the vitality of our lungs through the music box of our throat or mind, and we shape it into words, and shape it into our worldSo that's how we become colleagues.Create by shaping our own world, by turning it into being.
So keep in mind that even the not-so-good things that are sent out must be changed by denying or canceling, as this will enter our universal substance and present to us daily as our moments --by-Experience instantly.By combining your affirmation with the sound vibration of the music, by singing these affirmations, you add this powerful tool to express your own desires, your own world, your ownBecause emotions are one of the keys to expressing our desires, we need to activate them.This is where and why you can sing.I believe that somewhere in the Bible, or somewhere in the doctrine of mystery, there is a saying, "Blessed are those who make a happy voice.
"The other phrase I seem to remember is" the person who sang two prayers.So singing adds emotion to your thoughts.If you find yourself in trouble, hum.Just find something with a beautiful melody to take up the space, and you'll find yourself instantly free from the lower vibrations just by singing or humming.So singing will add emotion to your thoughts and words.
Music opens the emotional center, activates the emotional center, and creates a link to memory.So we have built a vibrating energy field of the Trinity, and the response of the cosmic matter to it is, yes!So we have 3 elements together as a set.We have thoughts, we have waves, we have emotions, we have pulse, we have words, we have forms.
We call it consistency when it all happens.Coherence is the action of stitching together, the harmonious connection of several parts, so the whole thing works together.We have a light bulb of 100 watts.Now, if you have a 100 watt light bulb, the light in the room will radiate around the room.
It will disperse the light.
But when you concentrate the light with a 100 W laser, the laser can cut the steel.The difference between the two is that the light bulb, the light spreading throughout the place, is sporadic, and the laser makes all the light work together in one stream.That's why a series like "tune your spirit" is so effective because it puts all the energy, all the light in one area so that the focus can be clearly defined.
We can use this series to show more happiness, more health, more wealth and more happiness for ourselves and humanity.Finally, we sorted out a series of positive phrases and sang them with great pleasure --Vibrant and exciting music landscape.It offers four main areas of life, happiness, health, wealth and happiness.
I invite you to tune your spirit and enjoy the sample of tuning your spiritual session.There are many blessings now and in the future.Asoma music team.asomamusic
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