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by:Winbridge      2019-10-29
You haven't gone to college yet, but you want the bedroom at home to look like a dorm.No problem.You can turn a family room into a dormitory by filling it with the decor of college life.Included loft bed with desk below, kitchen and electronics, simple bedding and casual rockmusic-oriented decor.
The key is to make the room feel like a mini apartment, everything you need to survive in addition to the bathroom.Clean up all the decoration of childhood.Remove old furniture, bedding and decor.Because most of the dorms look like normal white boxes, paint your room white for a real college look.If you are not willing to live on a white wall, paint your room in the color of your choice.
Move college-Furniture in the bedroom.
Set up a loft bed with a table under it.
Add a table and chair.
Put a bean bag chair in your room to rest.Put a dresser in your room so you have a place to store your clothes and a surface that can be used as an entertainment center.Put a bulletin board on the wall above your new table.
Add the task lighting below-Bed space, such as desk lamp.If you have land, put a phone on your desk-Line up at your homeHang the clock on the wall.Install a kitchen cart with safe use of electrical appliances in your family dormitory, such as a small microwave or toaster oven.
Place the mini fridge on a hard surface and if it is strong enough to support the weight of the mini fridge, probably the bottom of the floor or the kitchen trolley.Set up the audio device so you can listen to the music you like.Consider the boom or speaker station for your MP3 player.
TV and DVD or Blu-rayYou have a ray player on your dresser, which is an entertainment center.Put your laptop on your desk for typing and Internet research.If you are using a tablet at work, set up a portable keyboard.
Decorate your family dormitory with your favorite rock band poster.Stick them on the wall or put them in a plastic poster frame.Dress up your bed with casual bedding such as stripes, flowers or plaid quilts and matching sheets.
Put the pillow on the bed and replenish the bedding.Put a photo of your friend's frame on your desk and dresser, or hang the frame on the wall
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