a bluetooth speaker Troubleshooting Jabra Freeway Problems

by:Winbridge      2019-12-16

While many newer car models come with Bluetooth support as a standard feature, there are still a lot of cars that are not supported on the road.Thus, the Jabra Highway is an attractive option for those with uncomfortable Bluetooth headsets on their ears.Frequently Asked Questions About Jabra Freeway Bluetooth speakers include pairing, audio issues, and issues that grant the device access to the phone's contact list.

The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth speaker is automatically connected to the last device connected to it.So if you get on the bus, the phone doesn't automatically pair with the hand,Free devices, you may need to access the list of available Bluetooth devices on your phone and reconnect to the Jabra highway.
If the problem you're having is that multiple people can't connect to the hand-Free Bluetooth speakers, this issue is also the result of having only one user connected to the Jabra highway at a time.

Poor audio may be the result of the audio source equipment being too far apart from the Jabra highway.The distance between the two devices should not be more than 30 feet from each other, which should not be a problem if you are on a regular car.
This may also be due to the barrier between the sound source and the Jabra highway Bluetooth speaker.Try putting the phone next to the Speaker to see if this solves the problem.
The problem may not be your Bluetooth speaker at all, but an environmental barrier that hinders a phone or an online service such as Pandora's signal.For example, a bridge or line may block the signal and reduce the quality of audio playback.

The first step is to make sure that the phone you are using supports PBAP and that you choose to have Jabra Freeway access the contacts stored on your phone during the installation process.You can verify that you have done so by resetting Jabra Freeway to its factory settings (outlined below) and make sure that you allow Bluetooth speakers access to your contact list during settings.

Many other issues can be solved by resetting the Jabra highway back to the default factory settings.
Make sure the Jabra highway is powered on.
Press and hold the "answer", "sound" and "mute" buttons until a loud beep is heard.
The Bluetooth speaker is now restored to the default factory settings.
So you will need to re-Pair any phone or device previously paired with Jabra Freeway, and you will also need to set up any PBAP access previously established.
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