a bluetooth speaker Troubleshooting JBL Clip Problems

by:Winbridge      2019-12-16

With a built-inIn the mountaineering clip, the JBL Clip is designed for those who want a small one on the journeybut-Powerful speakers can be packed with them.The JBL Clip weighs half a pound and has a splash-Certification level, Bluetooth connection, speaker function and rechargeable speaker.Common problems with the device include power issues, Bluetooth issues, Speaker issues, etc.

The battery life of the device is about five hours.If you run out of battery completely, try charging the device to see if this will get the device running again.
This may not be a problem with the device, but with the charging cable that comes with the wireless Bluetooth speaker.Try using a different Micro USB cable to see if it is charging the device.
Alternatively, test the charging cable you are using with other devices to see if it charges these devices.If the charging cable works, the battery of the JBL Clip may be defective.Check the warranty for options to replace the battery.
Finally, the JBL Clip is not waterproof but splashIt proves that this means that it cannot be treated more than light rain, and that it must not be submerged in the water.If you think it is possible for you to overexpose the wireless Bluetooth speaker to the water, then this may be the reason why it is not powered on.Please consult the warranty for what options you can choose from.

Again, this can be the problem if you are overexposed to water.
Check the charging port at the bottom of the JBL Clip for dirt and debris.Gently scrub clean charging area Q-even without dust and sundries-Prompt to remove anything that may hinder the charging cable from charging the device.
As mentioned earlier, test the charging cable and replace it if necessary.If the charging cable is working properly, you may experience a problem with a faulty charging port.For options to fix the issue, please consult the warranty.

Check if the grate covering the speaker has dirt or debris that may affect the sound.While it is important to remember that the JBL Clip is not waterproof, it is splash --Prove that you can run the water on the speaker to clean it.
If you are playing audio from devices connected to JBL clips via Bluetooth, make sure that these devices are within the definition acceptable range of Bluetooth communication.The Bluetooth range of the JBL Clip is about 33 feet.
Try playing other audio files to see if the problem is just a specific audio file or if there is a problem with each audio file you play through the device.
The Speaker may be defective and needs to be replaced.

The huge barrier between the JBL Clip and the device you are trying to connect to can prevent both devices from talking to each other, even if they are within acceptable limits.Make sure there are no walls, cabinets, trees or anything else between the two devices.
Make sure both devices are charged.If the JBL Clip or the device you are trying to connect to is under battery power, the two devices may not be able to connect to each other.
Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the device you are trying to connect to the wireless Bluetooth speaker.
Make sure that the device you are trying to connect to the JBL Clip is actually trying to connect to the JBL speaker, not another Bluetooth device in the range.

If you are having problems listening to the person you are speaking through the speaker, make sure that in addition to the volume on the wireless Bluetooth speaker, the volume on the connected device is also turned on.
If the person you are talking to is challenged when you hear your voice, please approach the JBL Clip.If you are far from 5 feet, it may be difficult for this device to hear you.

Be very careful to keep the JBL Clip away from a lot of water.The splash-The equipment is only certified grade to ensure that it can withstand a small amount of water.
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