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by:Winbridge      2019-10-13
Motown Records, Detroit's most famous musical descendant, has more than 100 souls.Pop music is popular throughout 1960 and 1970 songs.The behavior of the label includes Smokey Robinson and miracles, Marvin guy, Supreme, Jackson 5, temptation and Steve Wonder.
Morton was the first black man.
Having a record label in the country, its music breaks the racial barrier.A Motown-The theme party is a way to pay tribute to the music and style of this era.Of course, music choice is the cornerstone of this party theme.
It's easy to find any number of anthology of Morton classics.Try the Motown classic gold collection or, if you're a full, Hitsville U.S.A.boxed sets.Or view playlist selections on services like iTunes, where you can download custom combinations for your party.
Design your invitation to look like an old 45-turn single.You can even use a real song title to add authenticity or humor.\"Please Mr.The postman of miracle works well for the invitation to mail.
Or try to "Come and See Me" by the top leader, or Michael Jackson "be sure to be there ".Decorate party spaces with album cover reproductions, magazine cover reproductions (especially life and Rolling Stones) or other promotional Arts.Play classic video clips in the background and the sound is turned off.
You can also watch documentaries, such as standing under the shadow of mocheng.Motown sound is one of the foundations of soul music, so you might think soul food is the way to provide food for your guests.However, if you want to be authentic, consider offering food like Coney dogs.
Coneys is a hot dog with chili sauce, mustard and onion Ding;Despite their name, they originated in Detroit.If you can find a recipe for DetroitTry a Greek pizza.As for drinks, Vernor's ginger ale is from Detroit.
area classic.
If all you want to do is dance to the music, you can have a Motown karaoke costume party.Ask your guests to wear a shiny dress or a gorgeous dress.Rent a karaoke machine and store it with Motown favorites to make your guests serenade all night.
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