amplifier How to Replace a Boat Steering Cable

by:Winbridge      2019-12-22
If the steering wheel is tight, it is difficult to turn, or you feel hesitant when steering, please replace the steering cable of your ship.Solve these problems before your next boat trip to avoid getting lost at sea.Steering cable problems can also lead to potential fatal accidents.Description difficulty: moderately pull up the floor behind the motor shell.Travel along the cable with a silencer, with eyes facing the back of the boat until you can see it under the ski locker and tank.Screw down the bolt on the bow side of the clip with an adjustable wrench and remove the connection cable attached to the hull.Remove the rudder arm to reveal the steering cable.Unscrew the two nuts connecting the steering cable, remove a nut from the center connection, remove another nut from the top of the bolt, and remove the steering cable connection from the top of the rudder.Move the driver's seat back and cover the interior decoration and carpet with a rag to prevent stains.Crawl under the dashboard and remove the rack-and-The pinion assembly removes four spots attached to the steering column by using an adjustable wrench.Remove all obstacles on the way to the steering cable, such as floating boards, heaters, subwoofer or stereo amplifiers.Send the old cable through the engine compartment and Hull to remove the old cable.Reverse the process of installing a new steering cable.Connect the new cable to the steering wheel assembly and rudder.Replace all final components removed at the beginning, such as skirting, heaters, subwoofer, or stereo amplifier.
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