at home karaoke A Simple Tune - Played on the Black Keys

by:Winbridge      2019-12-12
A Simple Song -
When I was a child, my sister taught me how to find three black keys that were combined on the keyboard.
There is no difference between which three you choose.They all work.
These three keys are the middle part of your music.
Then, find the black key pair on the left and the black key pair on the right.
To play, you will roll your hand into a fist, and you will roll on the key with the knuckles of your right hand.

[You scroll through three keys and collide with one of them-
Make a fist.
Scroll through the three keys and click one of the pair [on the left]
Do it again.
Then, switch the direction and scroll to the right, then tap one of the pair [on the right]
do it again.

Press the two keys on the right in a row, the three keys on the back, press the third of the three, and press three times.
There.The song I know, you can play now.
Then you need three keys and the one on the right.

Yes.A bench, a bigger keyboard..Once you take this game seriously, you need to upgrade!
The vase is placed on your keyboard where people can throw tips like all their change.
Good luck!
Chopsticks are another simple tune, though complex.
This is only played on white keys.
You need to find the two keys on the left of the black key.
Put the pointer finger of the left hand on the left button, and the pointer finger of the right hand on the right button.
This is where it gets a little tricky.You will use four fingers of each hand at the same time, two at a time.
While tapping the right button, tap the left finger-Fingers of the right hand.Click them eight times at the same time.
Then, using the same rhythm, take the left and right middle fingers and tap eight times on the next key.
Then, use the same rhythm, use your left and right ring fingers, and click the next two keys, eight times.
Then, last but not least, tap your left and right baby fingers twice, tap your ring finger twice, middle finger twice, and index finger twice, now go back to the beginning of this rhythm and start again.
Great choice for online learning.The piano nanny helped me learn a lot about the piano.
I had piano lessons when I was a child.I walk to the neighbor's house and she will let you sit in front of her piano and familiarize you with the notes.She takes pride in teaching extremely difficult works.She will teach you how to play, and Mendelssohn is one of them.
She will teach me some little songs to help me remember my notes.Have a good breakfast early, I remember two people.I remember one more, but I think it was for the guitar.Every Good Boy did a good job.
My point is that I had trouble with piano lessons because we didn't have a piano at home.We had a multi-Keyboard keyboard that confused me.So, I can't practice effectively.I learned a lot during my class time, however, when I came home, I was unable to transfer my new knowledge.
The piano nanny helped me reconnect the piano music through my computer.It will help you too!
Song of little star and ABC...
I heard that the alphabet song was designed by two primary school teachers.First of all, the children were taught the song "Little Stars flashing" or "Baa bleat" and then, once they were familiar with singing, they began to teach them to singSong \ 'Ay bee see Dee Ai will you not sing with me next time?
Historically, according to experts, in 1835, Charles Bradley of BostonMusic publishers based in the United States own the copyright of letter songs.It was awarded the title of.B.C.A German air with a flute variant with simple piano accompaniment.The tune of the alphabet song is the same as the tune of the two popular rhyming songs "flashing little stars" and "Black Baa Black sheep.If you don't realize that they are the same tune and try to sing these rhymes and letters songs, you will know that it is indeed the same tune!
Mozart was also praised for creating timeless tunes.
Fun Brain -
If you like to play games, you will like to play fun brains.You will be asked the piano notes.I think it's interesting!
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