audio system amplifier bmw x5 sav gets even better in 2011! by ray price

by:Winbridge      2019-12-07
Forget everything you think sports utility cars should have.Free from your preconceived ideas based on your father's old SUV formation.Of course, the typical SUV is square, practical and uncomfortable;But the BMW X5 is not a typical SUV.In fact, it's not an SUV at all.The BMW X5 sports car bridges the gap between utility and luxury with impeccable style and BMW legendary performance.The 2011 BMW X5 is also at home for groceries in town, or on the worst off-road terrain.

2011X5 is more than just sports.It has the same luxury and style as any BMW, but you don't have to sacrifice performance for luxury.The xDrive35i dual-power turbo 6-cylinder engine in the base model X5 is fuel-efficient while providing 300 horsepower and 300-ft of torque.
XDrive50i also has more power available.This 4.The 4-liter V8 is also dual turbo powered but offers 400 hp and offers 450-Torque on the ground.With BMW's automatic 8-speed transmission, both models offer unparalleled performance and power, as well as variations in feather light gear.

There are several entertainment packages from high-Terminal audio system with 9 AudioChannel amplifier for Sirius Satellite Radio and rotating rearThe new 2011 BMW X5 features a DVD seat system that will make your family have fun in a quiet, harmonious environment.
Outside, the rearview mirror can help you reverse without scratching the paint, and the top view camera allows you to monitor what's next to the vehicle.This is a good function for judging the distance of street parking from the side of the road.

The top priority of all BMW cars is safety, and the 2011 BMW X5 is not lacking.
Automatic Collision Notification SAV takes action when there is an emergency.
x95 Head-You don't need to look down for important information to display up.
X5 maintains your speed with the stop & go feature.
The radar and the camera warn you to change course.
Provide more security features for you and your family.
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