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by:Winbridge      2019-11-01
Beats manufacturers, with their reputation for headphones, have also launched products in the connected speaker market.The manufacturer has introduced several speakers: BeatBox, the BeatbBox laptop that works wirelessly and the mini pill.At first glance, the Beats Pill is surprisingly in its original format.
The design was inspired by the pill, but it was clearly more notable.She finally thought of a relay race or pencil case.It is actually a cylindrical shape with a radius of 4.
Length of 6 cm and 190 cm.
There are a variety of colors to choose from, including black, red, orange, sky blue, green, yellow or pink, and we can test the Bluetooth speaker with her white dress.Then a pure white dress is provided.The aluminum grille, buttons, and finishes are also white, and the main rubber plastic coating, even if he tends to turn yellow.Finally, the bottom of the shell is made of a gray rubber to adhere well to the stand where it is installed.
In various buttons and connectors, the chamber is lit with a power button on the back of the unit.Buttons to increase and reduce volume can also be found at the top.Finally, there is a large metal and red button backlight on the front to pause the music and pair the speakers with a smartphone, tablet or PC with Bluetooth output.
There is a micro USB input at the back, charging the case via USB/micro USB and the supplied AC adapter, along with the input and output 3.5mm jack for devices that do not have Bluetooth or plug in headphones.The Beats Pill speaker is very easy to use.
It offers wired and Bluetooth.
The Bluetooth device can be paired with the pill, just press and hold the button until the Bluetooth LED on the back of the case flashes, and then select the pill in the device from the smartphone, tablet or her computer.More simply, the chassis is equipped with NFC, so the smartphone can be automatically paired by passing the NFC logo on the top of the chassis.If we really appreciate the integration of NFC, it regrets that Beats Pill is not allowed to pass from source to wired audio source via a button.
In fact, if two devices are connected to the chassis, one in Bluetooth and the other in Wired, the pill will only play the Wired source.The Bluetooth source takes over when the cable is disconnected.Until it reconnects the Wired source, etc.
Because of its small size, Beats Pill is also disappointing in terms of autonomy.Where she announced until 7 autonomy, it allows us to play the title from the source connected to Bluetooth, with a volume of only four hours, but not the largest.Low autonomy, which may be due to the compact and lightweight housing design, which is only 300g.
If Beats Pill is more convincing with its very portable size and unusual design, it is the benefit of noise for friction.Contrary to the brand's reputation, in order to achieve a very strong sound and a large bass, the pill does not make a dry sound, and obviously lacks a serious sound, which will eventually become very flat.It may be because it is small in size, but it may be prohibitive for this type of product: Although the nomadic speakers are design objects that are easy to use and carry, they are pregnant mainly to listen to music with things other than smartphones.
However, in the case of pills, if the sound is more powerful than a smartphone, it is difficult to be accurate.Different frequencies are sometimes mixed together, and some titles, mid-tones, and bass are emitted without distinction.If this finding does not shine for the pill beat, it still points out that, unlike some competing speakers, no serious saturation is observed even if the sound is at the maximum volume.
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