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by:Winbridge      2019-11-17
Are you the kind of person who can't touch with a laptop?pad?Many of us will encounter this situation. what you need is a mouse. if your laptop has Bluetooth, you can choose the Bluetooth version of the mouse, and still keep all usb slots (no usb dongle pins, this is just for the normal wireless mouse ).Keeping this in mind, it's easy to get lost technically, and I'll provide some insight into the key features of most Bluetooth mice.
Mobile sensors if you keep an eye on the evolution of the mouse, you know that there are different sensors that appear at different times, the old ones are mechanical, the second is optical, and the last is laser.Look at things in a timeWire perspective, machinery is obviously pre-It is historic because it uses balls (plastic or ceramic) that move other internal plastic rollers to record mouse movements, and now it is only used for trackball mice.There is a problem with this old technique and can only work properly on a very smooth surface (mouse pad) and collect dirt and dirt from the surface, eventually you have to clean the ball and roller, you will notice an immediate improvement in precision.
Most commercial surfaces have only mice with optical or laser sensors.With regard to the optical sensor, as specified by the name, all motion is detected by the use of light, there is no mechanical part, so it has better accuracy, since the sensor will not get dirty, so it will work on a wider surface and there is no added value for maintenance.Safety-It is wise that this light sensor is not a threat to the human eye, as it is nothing more than light of a given color, usually red (less energy is generated ).
There won't be any problem with the normal material, but if you try to use it on a rough surface or even on glass, the accuracy will be affected (in glass, it won't be used ).This sensor won't disappoint you if you want the right precision, because in some cases it will reach 1000 DPI and you really don't need more for most computer applications."Creme de la creme" is actually a laser, which works in a similar way to optics, rather than using light, which, in contrast, uses 4 times more laser than precision.
There is no problem with the textured surface, some people even brag about working on glass, all of which, even less energy is consumed than the optical surface, but (there is always one), due to radiation, you need to be careful not to point the laser to sensitive organs such as eyes.A few years ago, the decision breaker here was the price, because the cost of the laser is much higher, so it is more cost-effective to choose the optical system, but now, the price difference is so small, so that you can't justify going to the optical field when you can have a laser, especially if you like to play a first person shooter or do graphic design and 3D modeling, you only need extra precision.Battery life indicator all wireless solutions have a common problem, the battery, in the case of a Bluetooth mouse, some manufacturers claim that it can last for half a year, but even then it will run out of energy, it happens when you need it most.
There is a solution to this problem, the battery life indicator, it will work like the gas fuel meter on your car and inform you in advance when the power is off, so you can do it as needed, charge it or buy a new battery.Roller design some mouse models do not have rollers, but since I found it to be an absolutely necessary feature, I will only target those who have the rollers.First of all, we have classic wheels, just move back and forth so you can do vertical scrolling at any given time.
We also have the more advanced wheel, which can also be used as a button, so you can scroll vertically and still click on it as you do in the button, which usually triggers a special mode, in this mode, you can scroll vertically (or horizontally in some cases) by moving the mouse instead of the wheel.A new design that seems to be emerging is the trackball reel;As the name implies, it uses a small trackball in the position of the usual wheel, which allows you to perform vertical and horizontal scrolling in the same position.Some models even use trackball as the mouse itself (which is practical when you can't actually move the mouse ).
If you have a laptop because most laptop cases have limited carrying space, it is likely that you want to keep the smallest possible volume;We can divide the mouse in half.Categories, categories based on desktop mouse but scaled down, and Micromice.When you really don't care about the feature and just want the mouse as small as possible, this second very small mouse is good, because in terms of quality, they do break more easily than the laptop, there is usually no Bluetooth, just normal wireless or cordless wireless that takes up a usb slot (which is true in most cases), because everything is reduced, so they also lack precision (small dpi );Personally I'm not going to buy these because you end up putting them down or the buttons start to stick until a really decent button comes up and don't even bother with that, because the big companies that develop mice don't even have these models (guess why ).
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