best buy karaoke speaker I went to buy an iPhone X. T-Mobile told me it wasn't worth it

by:Winbridge      2020-01-05
best buy karaoke speaker I went to buy an iPhone X. T-Mobile told me it wasn\'t worth it
Not worth it?Not worth it?Editor's note: The story first appeared on CNET.Technical inaccuracies provide a slightly distorted acceptance of the technology that takes over our lives.I think of T-Mobile devices are most common when I see Verizon being insulted and when I see someone wearing pink tutu at a party.Nevertheless, it has performed very well in the past few years as the operator who cares most about customers, especially as it drives unlimited data.Is it possible that the store will direct me to buy the right phone?The average reader may know that I 've been visiting a variety of retailers to see how they show different phones to their customers.You know, go in person.To get to know Pixel 2, I 've been to the Verizon store and Best Buy.In both cases, I was directed to the Samsung Galaxy.I went to the AT&T store where I was told that the Galaxy Note 8 is better than the iPhone X.What would T-Mobile tell me?I was moved because the carrier provided a 2-for-Last week's promotion on the iPhone 8.Does this mean T-Mobile devices have sold so many iPhone X that it is eager to get rid of the smaller upgrade of the phone last year?Will the IPhone X tear me off my trusted phone and it's a little rusty nowWatch the iPhone 6?I went to San Francisco Bay Area T-Find out the mobile store.It all started well and when I looked at the iPhone series, a lively salesman approached me.I showed him my iPhone.He did not sneer.This is a good start.Old phones in the Bay Area are not as friendly as everyone looks.He soon saw the iPhone 8 as a small upgrade."You have wireless charging, faster processors, and you have glass.But it's almost the same as your phone, "he said."But wait.You don't have a 2-for-Are these promotions going on now?Monday is over.We've got a 2-for-Is 1 on Samsungs, but not on the 8 th."Is this the time I was told Samsung was better?Not yet."Oh, so are you promoted because you need to get rid of a lot of 8 things?" I asked."No," he replied, a little too fast."This is just a promotion."Then I asked him about the iPhone X.He can't tell me how the Face ID works because each phone can only work with one person's Face.He insisted, however, that it was safe."I think there are"It's possible that someone else's face will turn on your phone," he said .".iPhone X?The extra $200 wasn't worth it, and then something strange changed.He suddenly offered to say that it would take more time to access all your apps on X than to use the iPhone 8 Plus."With 8 Plus, you're double."Click on the home button, you see, they're all there," he said ."."It's even more confusing with the iPhone X."When he made a few gestures to achieve the same effect, he showed me how chaotic he was.So the future of the smartphone will bring you back to the past, not to move forward?"A lot of people don't buy X because they miss the home button," he said ."."Look, there is not much difference between X and 8 Plus.The same camera, the screen size is similar.All iPhone users in this store have been upgraded to 8 Plus instead of X.""Why?"Because they don't think X is worth the extra $200."I admit I was surprised.I enjoyed being frank with all the sales people I spoke.But there is a guy here who is trying to sell me and what most people will tell me is a smaller phone."So why do people buy iPhone X?"One of the biggest reasons is hostility," he said with a smile .".These all require you to get facial features from the Face ID and make them into a unicorn or a pile of feces.If you want to enjoy the animoji K song, a pile of singing feces."But these are just young people, right?""No, all ages.It's incredible.The best phone is...So which phone do you think is the best?" I asked."Notes 8 for me," he said without hesitation ."."I had an iPhone for a while when the Note 7 thing happened.But when Note 8 came out, I went straight back to it.Android is better for him, he explained, because he can "do more" with it, especially by downloading free apps.I heard it from a few sales people.This person likes the big screen of Note 8.That was when he admitted that his Note 8 had died before Thanksgiving."It's completely dead," he said .""I can't believe it.He said: "He has a temporary call but will be back to the new Note 8 soon.This is brand loyalty.No, unlike the staff at other carrier stores, he said he didn't get from T-Mobile."Are you saying I should get a note?" I asked."Is it not difficult to switch from iOS to Android?"It's simple," he replied."We are here for you."It's an incentive I 've never heard of before.But he didn't tell me I should go to Android."You should stick with the iphone," he concluded with a hint of regret."That's what you know."OK.Which iPhone is the last?The salesman is very charming, if occasionally distracted by the sudden influx of customers in the store.He took me to the comparison chart of the iPhone and gave him the final speech."See here."With 8 Plus, you can even browse for an hour more than X," he said .".(This is true.13 vs.12.I don't believe it, he can tell."This is the end of the day," he said ."."If you take a lot of selfies and like animojis, take an X.Get an 8 plus if you don't."He was pulled away by another customer and was too close to that customer and I ended up leaving the store.As always, I stress that this is just a visit to a store.On the positive side, he didn't try to move me to Android like the sales guys in other stores.On the 8 side, he seems to have determined that the phone is appropriate for me, but not so novel.I asked T-Whether to motivate sales people to sell certain mobile phones at certain times.The company declined to comment.Does he want to sell me the phone he thinks suits me best?Or does he want to sell me the phone he wants to sell me?This is real.Life customer dilemmaIt took me a while before another idea invaded: in any store, no salesperson told me that the iPhone X was the best phone, even in this case, the best iPhone.Even though my colleague Scott Stein knew about these things, he insisted that it was definitely the latter.It's a little weird, isn't it?The story first appeared on CNET.
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