best karaoke songs 10 More Best and Worst Karaoke Songs to Sing

by:Winbridge      2019-12-14
Welcome to the second part of 10 best and worst karaoke songs!!

Songs suggested by people in the comments.There are a lot of good ones, so it's hard for me to pick the 10 worst ones.But do it!

All the people who commented..I can't write this without you!

1) Aladdin -
: I'm crazy about Disney's songs/movies, so if you have the courage to go up and sing Aladdin, I'll give you a lot of cheers.Who doesn't like this song?Honestly!

Amazing singers, amazing songs.The Kttunstall song is the fresh air heard in karaoke.Choose one, any oneThey are all very good.
3) Rush -
: YES.I recently downloaded a hit song from Rush and I forgot how awesome uber is.Everyone should sing this song.EVERYONE.
4) Cher -
: Hilarious.This suggestion really made me laugh.I would love to see someone stand up and sing the song.In fact, I can learn these words so that my friends and I can get up and learn.Great advice.
This is a great song.Every time I hear this song, I remember how great it was.

karaoke song.In particular, the reviewer of the Scottish accent, who received a bonus of 15 points.
6) Tom Jones -
Excellent bar songs for any occasion.While I prefer "Lucille" to "Delilah", both are great for karaoke bars.This will be a song to sing at the super crowded karaoke bar to see if you can get everyone to sing obscene songsThe full version of the song (the person who heard the song knows what I mean ).

: Very creative choice of songs, which most people know (at least part) and it's fun to sing along.I think the karaoke audience will like this.
Month) Ms. Barenaked,
: Karaoke audience will love you if you can keep up with the lyrics of this song.I used to know all the words so seeing the suggestions in the comments made me smile.While I don't think I 've ever seen anyone do this, this time it has to be nice for the crowd.
Montel Jordan
This is another place to make me laugh.I want to applaud anyone who stands up and sings muntel Jordan.
We all know but forget the song.
10) Morrissett-
: Another more creative song choice for ladies.Grandstand-There is usually no doubt about the selection of K songs, but Alanis is an interesting choice.I have hardly seen Alanis sing, and I think her songs should be sung a lot.This may be my new favorite!
Best runners-
-Run DMC & Aerosmith-
-How come you don't like meatloaf?

1) Radiohead -

I hate this song.Not only is this morbid depression, but it is long and slow, and every chorus makes me want to poke my eyes out.

There Are No More Sad Songs
Please stop karaokeing this song.Please?
2) REM -
: I also want to include "Losing My Religion" in this, but I can't."Losing My Religion" is such a bomb that I might like it if someone stands up and sings, even though it's halfFrustrating and slow (there are no more slow songs...Exception: "Lost my religion ").

.This is a criminal of Hu Ge.
Month) Celine Dion-
I'm sorry it's not a bad song.If you go up and sing a Celine Dion song, I can't take you seriously.

This is the best revenge song if the crowd is annoying or you want to annoy people (but good luck to convince karaoke DJ you should sing this song ).I used to sing this song in a karaoke room because the staff was rude to us so you have your own room.BOOYAH.
4) Sting -Desert Rose (and other songs)
: As the commenter points out, don't sing songs that don't have English parts unless you speak other languages.This reminds me of trying to sing "La Bamba" on Guitar Hero ".I gave up the Spanish lyrics and turned it into "Panda," I made up a song about pandas in the zoo and it sounds like "La Bamba ".

: Why?Honestly, why?I 've only seen one of their karaoke songs and I don't understand why you put Rammstein in.The fact that the band is popular in the United States for 5 seconds is confusing.Don't let us remember that time.
Robbie Williams
Again, it's not like it's a bad song.This is seriously exaggerated on the radio.-I don't want to hear it as karaoke.
7) Aqua -
: I did include this in my original article, but I think it needs more attention.Just because it's one of the worst songs ever.If you want to be annoying, choose this song.

More annoying than "Stealing My Sunshine."Since I sing the latter, I may have to try" Barbie "to see if I can get more moaning from the audience.[If I do, I apologize to the world in advance.

: Not really "worst" but I need songs to fill the list.The old guys love this song, so the old guys often sing this song.Most of the recap of the song I heard was mediocre, so I came to the conclusion that most of the old guys couldn't sing the song well.


Unless you can sing very hard.Like, don't try.Lincoln Park is the worst because their songs can sound really bad if you don't know how to sing.

Only when someone says to you, "you sing like Chester do you sing Lincoln Park!!!
10) Bob Seger -
I have never even heard of this song so I have to play it on YouTube.It became the worst list in the first place.Oh my God, Bob Seeger won't even sing this song!I definitely don't want to hear anyone sing this song for karaoke.
Worst runner-
Back Street boy.Just because I can't stand their music.I 've never seen anyone sing a Backstreet Boy song and I want to keep it that way.
You can go to the review section now and recommend more of the best and worst karaoke songs so I can write another issue.Thank you.
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