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by:Winbridge      2019-08-29
BELINDA Carlislemay brought 1980sto into her mind, but she can hardly be called aretro act.Her songs have gone beyond their 90 s and now her songs are still on the club's soundtrack and mp3 player.Although it is much less now than it was 20 years ago, 55-year-old red-Hairdstrom has maintained a leading position in the industry and even released a new Songyang this year.
The audience in Launceston will be able to enjoy this new version with a brand new sound and her large catalog --from theGo-Her personal material.On Friday night, when she was playing at the Tasmania state Country ClubCarlisle's successful career began at the Los Angeles punk scene in 1977, where she briefly served as adrummer for the mysterious Darby's iconic punk band bacteria before the crash.Her pop career was born from this scene.\ "If it's not for punkscene, go"Gos will never happen and Icertainly will never happen," she said .
"There were 50 kids on the scene, and everyone was in the band.You might be bad.In fact, this is better.\ "That scene is an unimaginable part.It is unique, and this kind of thing does not appear very often.The Go-Gos, an all-The girls rock group made its debut in a traditional escape, with the beauty of great success and a short time after formation.
The band instantly produced a series of singles, including our lips being re-sealed and faded quickly, we got the beat, and later, despite their reputation, they still had one of the most"The three of us girls are sitting on the side of the road, I play the drum briefly in the bacteria, I don't want to do this anymore --"My only choice is to sing," says carryder."We had Charlotte (Caffey) join the band because she knew how to plug in the guitar and use the amp.We don't know what to do.We wrotescong 9-by recording maskingtape on the guitar and numbering them and writing songs-2-4-7.
"We had classes during this time and no one thought we would succeed."Throughout the course of 1981, we did everything ourselves and became the number one band in the United States.Carlisle's solo career beganGosdisbanded on 1985.
Her platinum debut was later released.
The album was three complete.
Release Heaven on Earth (1987 m) in length, escape horse (1989 m), live freely (1991 m ), it consolidated her status as a single paradise in the world and made summer rain, leaving to get off the bus.Carlisle said it sang very well.After careful production, it is enough to stand the test of time."My voice may not be the best;"I think it gives me the opportunity to live a long life, which is unique and very unique," she said .
"It's not the best in tradition, but I don't like perfection or homogenization."In the first 10 or 15 years of my career, I'm not sure if I should make this my career, but now I know it's fate."Now, my voice may be better and more experienced than ever before --It may benefit from years of cigarettes and wine and has been given more personality.
Carlisle's solo tour in Australia coincided with the band's re-pop, and the band started it all.\"The Go-"Gos is bigger than ever," she said ."."It's fun because I think that band has some music across scenes and becomes a curiosity.
"The population of music and television programs."We have never taken ourselves seriously, and people like it.Our audience is a very strange group.It's young and old, Monster, gay, and SuperIs also ordinary peopleDespite renewed interest, Carlisle was reluctant to continue with her last original album, "a woman and a man" (1996) and the French cover album Voila (1997)\ "There are a lot of different formats available for release now and it is very necessary to make a full album --"Spend and spend two years in your life," she said .
"I don't want to waste any more time.
"I will never say I will never, but it must come from the heart --I can't do it to do it."I have achieved everything I want to achieve, and I am in a position in my life where I don't want to sit on the hamster wheel.\ "My music does not define me as before
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