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Billy Crystal\'s new memoir, Still Foolin\' \'Em, includes a behind-the-scenes look at his hit movie When Harry Met Sally | Adelaide Now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right  -  best karaoke machine
New Memoirs by FUNNYMAN Billy Crystal includethe-
When Harry Met Sally, the scene looked at his hot movie. . .
Reveal the secrets of that unforgettable scene.
A few months later (after my 40 th birthday), I heard that Rob Reina was working on a romantic comedy with Nora Evron.
All I have collected is that it features a man and a woman of my age.
Rob has never mentioned it to me, but I know from the agent and the manager that he has met almost every actor of my age except me.
I'm not happy about it, but what can I do? We are the closest friends and I think he is a great director, but if he thinks I'm not right then that's it.
I don't want to hurt our friendship by pushing this issue.
One day he called and said, "Look, I want you for this movie.
I have to go through a process with the other actors, you are the person.
I sent the script, called "boy meets girl".
"I read the script immediately, and to be honest, it is not popular for me.
The idea is great: 12-
The one-year relationship between men and women, they become friends, make love, ruin everything, and then they realize that they are really in love.
But it doesn't seem to be fully formed yet.
I figured out how to make it better and when I met Rob and Nora they admitted they were in a creative booth.
I am a fresh voice to them.
I told them what I thought about certain scenes and lines and things started to click.
Many of the moments Rob and I went through as friends, and we felt it might be a moment for Harry and Sally.
Rob and Penny Marshall's divorce is a very difficult time for him and we often talk in person or over the phone.
We are inseparable.
Usually Rob has a headache, which in the movie turns into a "24-
"Go to the doctor," Sally said, and Harry replied, "he'll tell me it's nothing.
I was sitting with Rob at Dodge stadium about a year ago and I thought of a sketch called "getting into the wave.
My idea is that two people are talking about one of them in a baseball game about a breakthrough in treatment, and every time he is going to describe the big moments he has with his psychiatrist, the waves of the stadium reached them and they had to stand up and hold their hands in the air and say "wow.
Harry and his friend Jesse talked about how Harry's marriage broke down in a football match.
I also suggested the phonograph scene where Harry saw his predecessor
The music of the wife and karaoke machine highlighted this embarrassment, which Nora also incorporated into the script.
It's exciting to work with Rob and Nora, who are very smart, fun and open to new ideas.
Then we have to find Sally.
Meg Ryan auditioned her girlfriend in "throw Mom.
I think she's great and a perfect addition to me, but Danny DeVito thinks she's a little young and plays Kim Greste.
This time Meg came in to study with me and we knew at once that we were Harry and Sally.
She's beautiful, she's cute, she's really funny, she has that awkward elegance that only the best comedians can find.
I often wonder if Meg got this part in "throw Mom" and this is what I did before this, will rob throw her in what he will think, i'm just in Meg his partner Andy sheynman, Nora Meg and I are going to have a long meeting and we just talked about men and women and relationships and tried to come up with a new conversation, create new scenes.
I think the process is why the film is so personal, because what Harry and Sally are going through is so real.
When Nora mentioned the problem of women pretending to be orgasm while having sex, Rob couldn't believe it.
"Well, they didn't fake one with me," he said . ".
Meg's idea was that in the scene where Sally told Harry about it, like Rob, Harry couldn't believe it, so she faked one in public.
I said, "like a restaurant" and then rob said everyone was looking at her and it should be a loud climax and then I said, "when it's done, an older lady said to the waiter, "I want what she has. "
That's how it happened.
In retrospect, this is probably the longest climax in history.
When Harry Met Sally after the script was finished, we renamed it. . .
The cast was completed by an excellent addition from Bruno Kirby and Kylie Fisher.
We started from Los Angeles and moved to Chicago and New York.
Rob is the perfect director of the film, although sometimes he is so kind to the audience.
He will suddenly laugh, but in my heart, I know that if I make him laugh, we are in the right place.
Earlier, I had a very honest conversation with him.
The film was too personal for him and I began to feel a little limited.
I don't want to play Rob;
I want to be Harry.
I told him he needed to leave Harry so I could move in.
He fully understood the character and gave me more freedom and the best gift the actor could get from his director: trust.
One day we shot at the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
I used to think that when you start to get along well with someone, you show them your funny "sound ".
It's usually stupid-
Sounds like the character you are using in "special moments.
You relax your vigilance and believe that this person listens without judgment as you may fall in love with them and they fall in love with you as well.
It became a scene of "pepper", and Harry repeated Sally in this crazy voice, "I'm proud to be part of your pecan pie.
It's all improvised.
At some point-you can see if you're Googling the scene-Meg actually looks at where Rob is standing.
Then Harry asked her in his stupid voice, she told him she had an appointment, then Harry, his feelings were a little hurt, told her to wear a dress, she looked really good in the dress, it made her angry.
This is one of my favorite moments in the movie, it's just because Rob is very open to trying ideas and Meg is very talented.
The night before filming the climax scene at Katz Deli, Meg was nervous about it when we talked on the phone.
For most of the time we filmed, we talked on the phone like Harry and Sally to discuss what the day was like and how we felt about the new day.
The scene of the climax is worrying because she has to have 30 to 40 orgasms that day.
This will bind me to everything.
Junior high school records.
I was as assured as I could, and frankly, as the person sitting opposite her, I was looking forward to it.
The next morning we met on set and had a hard and quiet rehearsal.
She looked nervous and was not happy with her wardrobe, and finally she wore my sweater.
Once our outstanding director of photography, Barry sonnefield, completed the lighting work, we took to the set, and now the set was attracted by the "atmosphere.
(I don't like the word "extra"-which means we ordered too much.
"Background artist" is better.
Rob's mother, Estelle, sits at a nearby table.
She would be the lady who "I want what she has.
We started the rehearsal and Meg was very tentative.
The first climax, so --so;
Just like we were married for 10 years.
Maybe she's nervous about sharing her orgasm with so many strangers.
Rob was a little impatient and then asked her to leave for a moment so he could show her what he wanted.
Now I'm sitting opposite this bearded man.
Looks like I'm dating Sebastian Cabot.
Then he reached the climax that King Kong would envy.
He screamed, "Yes! YES! YES!
The pickles on the table are very hard to eat, and the coleslaw is floating in the air.
When he was done, the background artist applauded and Rob pulled me aside.
"I made a mistake," he said . "
"I shouldn't have done that.
"Meg will be fine.
I don't think you're going to embarrass her, "I said.
"That's not what I meant," he said . "
"I just had a climax in front of my mother.
Meg was spectacular as soon as we started shooting.
Whether it's on her or on me, she has a climax all day long.
When she came up with a new little moaning and moaning, my reaction to her became more interesting.
A few months later, when Rob finished his first photo, we had a test screening in Pasadena, California.
The film was very good, and then there was a climax scene.
The place burst when Estelle spoke her lines.
Rob and I were sitting in the back and we just grabbed each other's arm.
We know we have something special.
Billy Christo (McMillan, $34) is still fooling them. 99 hardcover).
The book is now published.
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