bluetooth box Troubleshooting DKnight MagicBox Problems

by:Winbridge      2019-12-19

The DKnight MagicBox is a portable speaker with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, 10-Watt playback and built-inin microphone.The speaker can also play audio for about 9 hours on a single charge.Issues with the DKnight MagicBox speakers include power issues, matchmaking challenges, audio quality issues, and challenges with older technologies.Rule out these challenges and try to deal with them yourself before hiring a professional for help.

The battery life played on the DKnight MagicBox depends on the volume you use when listening to audio through your speakers.If you listen to everything at maximum volume, you will get about six hours of audio playback.However, if you listen to everything at a minimum volume, you can play audio for more than 12 hours.Try lowering the volume to see if this extends battery life.
If the problem is that the Bluetooth speaker is not turned on at all, make sure the power supply is actually turned on.The power switch is located on the side of the device and directly above the micro USB port.
Finally, if life is left accidentally and the power is running out, try charging the DKnight MagicBox to see if this solves the problem.

The DKnight MagicBox Bluetooth speaker can only be paired with another device at a time.In addition, it will automatically pair with the last device it pairs.If your device was previously paired with a Bluetooth speaker but is not currently paired, this may be the problem.You will need to cancel the previous device that the DKnight MagicBox is currently paired with (it is connecting to) and then try to connect to the Bluetooth speaker again.
Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the device you are trying to connect.
If there is no other device currently connected to the DKnight MagicBox, try restarting the Bluetooth speaker to see if this solves the problem.

You may find that Bluetooth technology may not be supported on older devices to connect to the DKnight MagicBox.So in order for the two devices to communicate with each other, you have to get the Bluetooth USB adapter.Bluetooth USB adapters can be found in most stores or online stores that sell electronics.

Place the source device and the DKnight MagicBox Bluetooth speaker within 15 feet of each other and make sure there is no barrier between them.More than 15 feet of the distance and any obstacles between the two devices can cause audio playback problems through Bluetooth speakers.
If an audio source device is a smartphone, computer, or any other device that can run multiple tasks, try to turn off other tasks that may be running because they may affect audio playback.
Make sure that both the DKnight MagicBox and the sound source device have a good charging level.On many electronic devices, performance can be compromised at lower charging levels as they can run in low power mode.
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