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by:Winbridge      2019-10-31
This Sunshot MX001 Bluetooth (v4.0) the speaker was sent to me for review and broke the mold on its high PanOriented Design.In a box other than the speaker, you get a USB to Micro USB charging lead, non-Bluetooth devices and clear Quick Start Guide.The spokesman's measures are 18.3cm tall by 6.With a diameter of 3 cm, apart from the end cap, it feels like it is made of metal.
The direct impression of the finish (black though also blue and silver) is good.In addition to audio, the device is equipped with a microphone for handling phone calls.The power supply comes from the 900 mAh battery, and the manual state will provide you with up to 10 hours of playback depending on the volume, etc.
In exchange for the surroundings.
Charging time 5 to 1 hour.
There is a grille at the top of the speaker and a smaller grille at the bottom.There is a power/pair/pause button, Micro USB charging and auxiliary socket around the base.In front of the base area is a roll /-, Next/Last Track control, plus several status indicator lights for charging/Bluetooth.
There is a rubber ring under the speaker to ensure that the speaker is easy to stand on most surfaces.One advantage of the design is that the floor area is very small and the sound is very comprehensive.directional.Easy to install both Android and iPhone/iPad-I tested with the IMG Iron Android phone and iPhone 6.
Pairing works for the first time, in the case of iPhone, you will get on-Battery indicator on screen.This is definitely a Speaker who needs "running in.The sound seemed a bit empty when I first turned it on, but after a few hours, using it sounded really good and made a clear sound, the bass was obviousI'm not saying it will shake the floor, but it's a good listening.
The volume is also good, and the processing of mobile phone calls is also clear and clear.Bluetooth reception is stable in a considerable range, and battery life seems to be close to what is claimed-I played at a pretty good volume for about 9 hours.I think the battery life with aux input may be extended.
This Sunshot speaker is an unusual design, but looks good, takes up a small amount of space and is all-rounddirectional.Recommended
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