bluetooth stereo More gear for Mazda2

by:Winbridge      2019-10-04
Mazdaxa0It has been modifiedxa0Mazda2 seriesxa0In order to lock in the first place in light car sales in Australia.The manufacturer has introduced a sedan variant that should account for 15 of the model's sales and add additional equipment to the popular hatch.The new four-The price and specification of the two decorative lines of the Mazda2 hatch door are available from $14,990-Horizontal Neo form or $17,690xa0-range Maxx.
Mazda will not offer top new carsSpecifications Genki decoration, has been reserved for five peopledoor.Mazda has added cruise control and rear parking sensors to Neo as standard devices that add Bluetooth stereo, smart keys and air conditioning to the brand's cheapest cars.Maxx now has a backup camera and MZD connection 7-The inch infotainment display adds to its appeal while the topSpec Genki has LED headlights, reversing cameras, and rear parking sensors.
The increased gears brought a $700 price increase for Maxx and Genki models, while Neo prices did not change.Buyers looking for the ultimate Mazda2 can choose the new S-Packaging options, including white leather trim and white stitching on dark elements inside, and automatic emergency braking of Mazda Smart City Brake stand as standard as an option for any model in the range, the additional fee is $400.1 pair of Hatch.5-Make 79 KW and 81 KW liter engines in Maxx and Genki and six optionsSpeed manual or automatic transmission for all models.
(Plus on-:xa01.
5-litre 4-:xa0Six-Speed manual or automatic, front-wheel-From 4.9 to 5
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