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by:Winbridge      2019-10-13
Travel in Southeast Asia can get a little bit the same-It's been a while since Samey.It's all temples, heating, and tourist traps, right?Until you arrive in Hanoi.The capital of Vietnam is like breathing fresh air.
The city is an elegant imitation of the influence of French and Chinese culture, while Vietnamese stubbornly retain their local approach.Here are our favorite things that make Hanoi stand out from all the other cities in Asia.1.Leap-of-Expressing faith in human beings;Take the road to Hanoi with confidence.
Crossing the road in Hanoi is not the same as anywhere else.It's a bit like bungee jumping.When people tell you that "everything is going to be OK, keep going", all you need to do is trust it, even though all your intuition tells you not to leap.Once you take the first step from the sidewalk, there is no way back.
You can only keep putting the 1 feet in front of the other one, hoping that the scooter will turn around you instead of turning to you.It always works.The road traffic in Hanoi is crazy, but it is organized chaos and pedestrians will always reach the other side somehow.Hiking is a test for fellow human beings, and as you step into the madness of the rickshaw, trust that the scooter will avoid you as you cross the road.
Sitting behind the motorcycle is like jumping into the river to run the Rapids.Unstable and exciting.2.The "morning brew" Bia hoi in Hanoi enjoyed the whole day.Hanoi is famous for its soil-Cheap, unpasteurized beer-bia hoi.
Hanoi's official bia hoi is freshly baked from the Habeco factory every day.It is fermented all day, so the taste of each supplier is different.The taste depends on how quickly the beer is sold and how much the seller decides to water the beer that day.
By the end of the day, unsold beer will be thrown away.But few people leave every night.The price is ridiculously cheap and is provided with a plastic cup, which makes it the perfect resistanceyuppie, anti-Elite beer suitable for socialist countries.Find it in every corner of Hanoi, sometimes with food, sometimes with TV and karaoke machines, offering classic music from Abba and Boney MFor travelers, the most famous Bia Hoi is right in the center of the old block onBia Hoi corner at the intersection of Luang Ngok Kunen Street and Ta Hien Street.
Hang Bac in the old quarter.
Once a silversmith's Guild Street, it is now home to travel agencies, tourist cafes and tombstone sculptors.In Hanoi, the old town is more than a metaphor.Between the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, the Red River and the remaining walls of Hanoi castle, there are at least 36 maze of streets, the old quarter has been more than 1,000 years and is still strong.
The old town is the oldest existing community in Vietnam, becoming a market place for artisans to organize 36 guilds (silk, silver, bamboo rafts, cone hat associations), as well as several sweet potatoes, each occupying a street.Since then, artisans have been overwhelmed by tours, motorcycles, bars and zippo lighters.But small temples, stupas and hidden community halls are still far from the Guild era.
Now more representative is the subway House, because of the land tax on the front of the street, it is thin and high.Check out the subway House at 87 Mamay Street or 38 hang Road.In order to discover the townhouses of the French colonial period, their lower floors are usually disguised by the commercial facade, all you need to do is look at the roof of the house, which is usually kept in its original state.
The heart of the Vietnamese colony of Hanoi, the old town isThe original headquarters of the French movement was itself.4.Vietnam War--The most iconic war?The Vietnam War on atrocities and-War demonstrations abroadA pilgrimage to Hanoi is part of a Vietnam War veteran's quest for catharsis.Others who grew up hearing the cool protest songs of Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones are still fascinated by a war related to rebellious 1960 and 1970.
It was a decade of war affecting American youth culture.S.And continue to spread popular culture around the world.For scars of U.S.A bomb attack in Hanoi inspected the long Beane bridge across the Red River and transported supplies from the port.
Or visit the Hoa Lo prison called "Hilton Hanoi" by GIs in the United States.5.Shoulder-Shoulder-Pole hawkers dance on the streets of Hanoi.As a tourist capital, there is no big shopping center in Hanoi, which is surprising.
On the contrary, there is one more interesting --(Wo) men's shoulder Bar shop.Whatever you want, you can cross the rope with a rattan basket and place it on a bamboo pole on your shoulders in pairs and in balance.For foot vendors who are often found under tapered hats, these are storefronts and transportation, triggering the photographic instinct of tourists.
Buy something --Pho bowl, mango, set of flowers, hair clips, household utensils-These photos will be accompanied by a bright smile from the Vietnamese.6.He Zhimin received twitter-ed.Hanoi is the only city in Southeast Asia to show a leader in anti-corrosion.He Zhimin's real body is preserved in his mausoleum, which is quite different from his own desire to be cremated.
This is the consequence of personal worship of the people in the middle.Thousands of people come to watch his body every day and think that this person is not a dictator, but a hero of Vietnam independent of foreign control, who expresses real emotions.7.Joie de vivre translated very well in Vietnam.
Although people from Hanoi are considered indifferent by South Vietnamese, they know nothing about Parisians.The Vietnamese did not give up their French colonial heritage, a great place to enjoy the French aesthetics and the hospitality of Asia.Many wonderful French buildings remain, mostly functional, and few of them have a stylish Bohemian style.
However, the success of the FrenchVietnamese fusion is the best experience through Hanoi's food.French baguette is made of Vietnamese pies and pickled vegetables. it is rich in taste.Coffee is an obsession of the French.In Hanoi, your espresso is dripping into sweet condensed milk through a small aluminum filter.
The cafe is still in French style, as if the street is a theater and the cafe is an audience area.But diners usually sit in simple plastic or rattan chairs only a few inches from the ground
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