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by:Winbridge      2019-10-17
In the United States, 1970 of people have experienced the end of the Vietnam War, the water gate incident, and the long line of gas stations caused by the shortage of natural gas.Popular movies over the past decade include the great white shark, Star Wars, The Godfather, Rocky and the iconic Saturday Night Heat, which was released in 1977, the disco soundtrack of the film and the white set of John Travolta are popular.Disco music and fashion associated with it are a good foundation for 1970 themed parties.
Find the iconic image of celebrities from 1970, such as John Travolta's famous pose in Saturday night heat, or the famous poster of Farah Fawcett in his swimsuit, and save the image to the computer.Draw a "speech bubble" from this person's mouth and insert the details of your party to create your invitation.At the party invitation, it is clear that everyone must wear it on 1970 --era attire.
If some of your friends don't know what to wear, suggest that they watch TV shows that have been popular for decades, such as the Angel of Charles, "Brady family", "all people in the family" or "Love Boat" to learn about the style of the 70 s.You can also ask them to dress up as their favorite celebrity or character from their 70 s and award prizes for the most accurate character description.Decorated rooms with disco balls--You can buy these at most party supplies stores.
Print out photos or scenes of more than 70 celebrities from news, TV shows or movies at the time and hang them on the wall.Hang a beading curtain at the open door;These are available for sale in most party supplies stores.Load an iPod or MP3 player with music in your 70 s and connect it to your home audio system.
Alternatively, you can connect your computer to your home speaker, log in to the 70 s channel on iTunes, or listen to one of the 70 s music channels on your TV.Set up a karaoke room for guests to sing more than 70 songs.Play creative and use the card to indicate the name of the dish you provide at the party.
Use the name of a popular 70-year-old TV show, song or movie to name your dish.Some examples may be "French fries and dipping sauce", "water gate salad" or "Charlie's Angel food cake "."Or you can evoke a popular 1970 symbol that adorns food like a yellow smiley face.
Take out the hot pot and feel the real 70 atmosphere
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