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by:Winbridge      2019-10-08
Good news.Your brain is not static.You can play with it and even cultivate new cells, create new circuits and change attitudes.All of a sudden, newThe motto of Ageish is that you can be whoever you want to be and have a new scientific meaning.Your brain and its interaction with the environment create your daily reality.
I did not enter the metaphysical argument about what consciousness was, and I did not invite any soul exploration or gymnastics.It's just neuroscience that tells me that this charm will never end when it comes to the brain and studying it, it doesn't make Magic disappear from life, but it opens up new horizons for it.So, your brain can be better.Each experience, mindset, and behavior has a specific map in your brain.
Science used to think that what you have is what you have, and that's it. when you reach the age of 20, the possibility of changing anything disappears.Over the past few decades, however, scientists have found the brain to be of very good quality.
It can still be shaped by different actions.So you won't be bound by your old selfYou can change yourself by forming different habits.Step 1: exercise.Yes, it may sound overvalued, but not.I bet you know that exercise is good for your body.
But physical exercise also has incredible benefits for your brain.Exercise increases the flow of blood in the brain and speeds up the delivery of oxygen and nutrients needed for the activity of neurons.Studies have shown that exercise can increase the level of a magical substance called the brain.
Derived neuronutritional factors that promote the growth, survival and communication of neurons.Psychologist John J. showed the benefits of exercise brilliantlyRatey wrote in his book Spark: A Revolutionary New Science of motion and the brain.He explains how exercise improves the patient's memory, attention, slows down the aging process, and even reverses dementia and Alzheimer's.
After reading that book, I feel very guilty if I don't exercise all day.Exercise is basically the highest vitamin, and studies have shown that it is as effective as Prozac and other anti-depression drugs.The introduction of an hour of aerobic school before class in the morning, the student's test results and overall performance increased by 30%.
Very convincing.
Even a 20-minute walk can make your brain more active.Get up from the couch (after you finish my article) and start moving.Help yourself to be a better person.Step 2:Diet.Yes, you can't escape.You need to be aware of what your diet is.
Studies of mice have shown that high saturated fat diets make them perform poorly in study and memory tests, while those who accept this unhealthy habit seem to be at a higher risk of developing dementia.It is also important to limit the calorie diet, which means-Don't eat as much as you can, but 25% or more less than when you feel full --It will add some healthy years to your life.What is the food recommended by the brain?Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidantsWill maintain your memory and reduce brain damage caused by stroke.
Walnuts, spinach, blueberries, Omega-3 fatty acid products.Now, this is a question worth thinking about.However, don't let you get frustrated with your favorite food.
Although our body needs food, many times our diet also meets some emotional needs.If we think chocolate and cheese can mimic some of the effects of love, it's a drug for the brain.Keep balance, indulge your senses from time to time, and prioritize your life goals --This will help you decide the best way to achieve these goals.
I bet you have this epiphany at some point in your life: music can almost change your mood.You take some of your favorite soul tracks and suddenly you find yourself in a romantic and sensitive relationship.Although jogging is accompanied by some faster rhythmic sounds, jogging is still recommended.
It is found that classical music can increase creativity and promote abstract thinking.Although the Mozart effect has been disgraced by repeated research, the music still maintains a magical vibration --It can treat insomnia and anxiety, help premature infants to gain weight, reduce blood pressure and relieve their emotions.Some people think that even music training can change your brain map --Compared with students without music training, the students' space skills have improved.
Even singing a song in your head can do the job.Now, maybe you still don't want to try karaoke, but listening to different types of concerts is good for your brain.Pay attention to noise-Like music (some people still think it's music )-It will only activate your almond body, the hub of your emotional memory, the center of fear and excitement.
Maybe it's time to realize your life's fantasies about taking a piano lesson or buying a saxophone or violin --They may be your best friend except the ipod.Step4.Video games.They have been a controversial topic for years, and some parents are concerned that their child's fascination with video games may compromise their social ability.Studies have shown that surgeons who played video games for hours made 1 out of 3 fewer mistakes in the operating room than those who did not participate in the event.
Why?Because video games improve hands.
Eye coordination ability, deep perception ability, pattern recognition ability, mental dexterity, attention span, etc.Even the American army is convinced by the benefits of video games, which create special video games to improve specific skills.So, go ahead, your permission: occasionally indulge in a video game without guilt --This is the doctor's advice.
You can even buy some stock in the videogame company-The human need for games is unlikely to decrease, especially when the benefits of games are so addictive.Stimulants.Good and legitimate: CaffeineIt could be the universe in every house.Activate your central nervous system by improving wake-up and alertnessWhen it is taken in a healthy dose.
Excessive can have the opposite effect, causing you anxiety and insomnia.2 cups of coffee can improve your short term memory and reaction time.The benefits of caffeine intake are numerous, and the key is moderation.
Anfei's life, cocaine and their evil sister products affect the brain by increasing the secretion of dopamine and 5-amineChemicals that feel good in the brain.They basically abused the normal mechanism of releasing this substance, so they would let them lower their functionality in normal condition and eventually even turn them off --That's why these substances are addictive and need to be increased in doses in order to get the initial effect.Not recommended, happiness and happiness can be achieved through other healthy ways.
Like this exercise, it seems to be the ultimate vitamin and treatment: all areas that will improve your mental activity and physical functioningRelieve anxiety, reduce high blood pressure, insomnia, diabetes, depression, relieve pain and stress.Meditation is found to be as effective as cognitive therapy and anti-meditationDrugs for depression.They monitor Buddhist monks who practice meditation for a long time.
The map of their brain is obviously better.The discharge of normally more chaotic neurons is synchronized in the minds of the medalists.Neurons establish more connections in the cerebral cortex, improving overall function, memory and calm of the almond body, which is the center of managing fear and anxiety emotions.
The direct result of meditation habits is a better concentration.Meditation has the ability to create a spiritual space to deal with events and ideas, breathing in another world where concepts and realities have more important shapes.Step 7.Mode of thinking.Your brain is mapped to function by the habits, behaviors and ideas you have entertained in your life.
Although the brain you already have will guide your mind in some way, you can reverse this mechanism by changing your way of thinking.We have made a lot of mistakes. research shows that we should not believe everything we think.We should not take ourselves too seriously because reality is an objective and subjective reflection process.
By changing the mindset, you can train your brain to get rid of old negative habits and create new loops in the brain.Change is possible.All you need to do is build the required spiritual mussels.Just as you go to the gym to improve your physical appearance, your brain can do the same by training yourself to take positive and healthy ideas.
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