condenser microphone Building your Own PIRATE FM RADIO BROADCASTING Transmitter SETUP

by:Winbridge      2019-12-11

A science fair brought me into the world of home FM radio, which I also call Pirate FM radio in many parts of the world.I was in Grade 6 at the time and was asked to submit a science project.Wait.The hub should be short.
Anyway, over the next few years, I became more and more obsessed with having my own FM station, and in order to design it, I really taught myself the fundamentals of electronic technology.Radio FM radio transmitters do not exist in the Philippines.If I want to have one, my only option is to design my own.
My first real stereo FM transmitter was designed around the popular ba144a.I was in college at the time and was only a few hours drive to Manila, Philippines.It consists of three dormitories that everyone likes and hates.We used a cassette player for input and a small fet microphone for voice.
To be honest, what we use and what we are smug about in the United States is nothing more than a child toy.You can buy it on Amazon.Pay attention to the products I show...yep...This book, three transmitters based on the same chip.I only recommend this book and the $44 transmitter.Others are expensive and have the right knowledge of electronicsHow, you can squeeze out two performance from the cheaper one.Hahahaha!!!
But I have a secret.During my search on the Internet, I found a trusted website that can find the best return for you to get the best quality broadcast FM broadcast transmitter.If you have read my story in the link above, I think you already know it now.
The secret of the high quality FM radio transmitter is here.
Oh, the secret has been announced.Anyway, I have shown the broadcast FM broadcast transmitter settings on the first link.I would love to create another link here, however...I may have violated some rules.You can see the settings there.
Anyway, once you have your own broadcast fm transmitter, you also need a high quality usb microphone.The old-fashioned capacitive microphone is also OK...But you have to pay extra for the mixer and pre-orderamp.But you may already have a laptop or desktop so there is no problem.
Here's a list of things I think you might need.:-
Sex is a private thing;Some people think that broadcasting destroys what makes it sacred.-
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