condenser microphone edward christopher wente and the condenser microphone

by:Winbridge      2019-11-06
Edward Christopher Wente is an important figure in the series of advances that led to modern telephony.He is an American industrial scientist who has worked in the Electric & Bell Labs in the West to develop microphones and compression drives, lousdpeakers.Edward Christopher WinterC.Wente is hired by Western electrical companies to improve the quality of telephone audio.
To the end of his life, E.
Wente is known for his work with a capacitor microphone.Wente's work has played an important role in the history of the telephone, telecom and answering services industry.Wente's research on the microphone is dedicated to sound research.
He was hired to try to ease the background noise on the phone receiver.Wente converts it into the first flat frequency response microphone or capacitor transmitter using the old electrostatic transmitter.The sensitivity of this capacitor transmitter is 100 times that of the sensitive transmitter.
This sensitivity makes the device practical, subtracting the fact that the device needs to be connected to a vacuum tube preamp to maximize its capabilities.The vacuum tube acts as an amplifier for low single output.Over time, Wente condensed the design that allowed the recording process and the sound of the film.
This allows the device to have different models such as for desktop, landing or suspension.In addition to using a capacitor microphone, E.C.Wente and his team were assigned to develop a sound system for movies and cinemas.
The invention was later called the light valve.The light valve uses the previous vacuum tube and the converted audio voltage level to expose the film.It produces a variable density sound pattern on the film.
This is the basis of "sound --In the course of the film a few years later.Wente also helped to invent compression drives, dynamic microphones, and acoustic wall materials.He made all the innovations.C.Wente stands out in the audio and production business and is an important figure in the history and technology of modern telephone answering services.
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