condenser microphone How to build a recording studio for rap music

by:Winbridge      2019-12-11

From small to large, I was surrounded by wonderful music at home, grandparents and schools.My parents always say to me that music is the mirror of our soul, and when we are angry, it is a way to ease our emotions, when we are sad, this is a way to find happiness in our lives.As the years go by, I listen to the greatest artists of our time (Michael Jackson, Dr. Drey, Prince, Elvis Presley, Tupak, Eminem) growing up, I always wanted to hear my voice in rap songs.At that time, the dream was almost impossible because everything was very expensive and the items needed to set up the recording settings were also hard to get.I'm still young and it's impossible to find money for a professional studio.So, there, I started a family studio tour of making rap music.I researched every magazine I could find, I learned the importance of creating rap music, and I found the passion for creating rap lyrics.

There was a time when I heard that singing music was not enough and I needed to do more.Everything changed when I understood that I could build my own home studio in my own bedroom.I used my old PC and I bought 3-4 devices, I got my first single in a week.Not that difficult, right?!I was 16 years old.
Why are you building your own studio?
There are many answers to this question, and I can't even decide which one is more suitable for you.One of the reasons is the price: it's not expensive to build a home studio.Of course, if you have a big budget, you can go to a professional studio and work with a real sound engineer.But in most cases, young people like us want to do everything by themselves.Considering that if you have the right equipment, you can create amazing songs in your garage or bedroom at home, it's not bad.You should build your own studio because the technology is cheap because everything is easy to find now because Chasing Dreams is the most important thing in life!

What you probably don't know about home studios is that it's really easy to spend a lot of money on audio devices and get really bad results.Remember that expensive things are not necessarily great, the value of an item is not at the price.This may be a good indicator, but it is not a direct representation of its quality.If your budget is tight, you should also look for reviews before purchasing.Some microphones are cheap, but they don't bring any value to your recording chain.

If you are on a tight budget, just buy the capacitor microphone, audio interface and pop filter.I think you already have a laptop.

This part is probably the trickiest.When I first searched the online store, I was dazzled.There I was looking for home studio equipment in such a large category with so many items available.There are so many microphones to choose from, so many audio interfaces, so many speakers and so many choices.

There are a lot of microphones outside, some are expensive and some are really cheap.But the price should not be the only quality indicator, you need to consider all the factors.I will choose a microphone for about $200.

This is a microphone with excellent technology. it has favorable comments from users and some delicious things in the box.

The next one in the recording chain is the audio interface.Keep in mind that any capacitive microphone requires some sort of phantom power supply, so take this into account when purchasing an audio interface for a PC/laptop.My best bet is in M-Audio Products.M-Firewire audio interface is a very good choice and the price is very good.

They have a good review of the online music store.
For cheap acoustic foam you can use the egg box or you can buy 2-3 Acoustic bubbles from Amazon.They are not so expensive.
You can get any type of pop filter and microphone stand.You need an enclosed headset, but I'm sure you can manage it yourself.I suggest you buy a nice pair of monitors.Just choose some cheap M-Audio monitors.They will start the work.

Practice your skills and make sure your rhymes are tight.No device can solve this problem.
Determine your budget before entering the shopping spree.
Buy only the necessary items if you are on a tight budget: capacitive microphone (AT2020), Audio Interface (M-Audio), microphone stand, pop filter.
The mixer is optional and you can skip it if you have a good audio interface.
It is important to mix and master your songs.If you don't know what to do, ask someone to do it for you.
When your song is finalized and you're happy with the results, it's time to upload your music on Youtube.Try to spread videos on social networks.
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