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by:Winbridge      2019-11-07
The design of the Crown amp takes into account Mobile DJs, musicians and small travel companies;The Crown Xs s Xs Series is designed in a compact and lightweight 2U at a moderate price.Crown amp was designed considering mobileDJs, musicians and small travel companies;The Crown Xs s Xs Series offers a compact, lightweight 2U design at an affordable price.Rear-Panel connections include neutral comboinput, allowing to balance the XLR or 1/4 SFP connections, barrier bar inputs, daisy-XLRmale outputsLink, plus touchSpeech-proof binding postAbout andPhoenix output.
Each of them lives in a solid, allsteel 2-Efficient forcing deviceair cooling.The Xs Series amplifiers offer a wide range of protection and diagnostic features including output current limiting, byCrown microprocessor-Control special thermal protection for DC protection, circuit breaker and unit transformer.The Crown amplifier provides superior performance, flexibility and value for installed sound applications.
CTs series amplifiers have independent options for high-impedance and low-impedance operations for specific channels, as well as carefully selected power levels and functions to meet the requirements of a fixed installation design.Easy integration with hiqnet and Cobra Net enables CTs amplifiers to provide a comprehensive range of monitoring and control functions, as well as digital audio transmission for rewardsWin digital audio solutions.The Crown amplifier is designed for portable pa systems and cinemas, and all three models that make up the CE series offer chestThumpingCrown performs in a very affordable package.
The CE 1000 and the more powerful 2000 provide reliable performance with the detected front endPanel level control, proportional adjustment-Auxiliary cooling, short circuit protection, and a new module that allows you to customize the amplifier with professional features such as a fixed point cross card.The Crown amplifier has been added-High plate selection-pass and low-Pass CE1000 filter has global power compatibility, balanced current amplifier output circuit and switching power supply for more power stereo 560 W power amplifier and lower heat and weight compared to traditional linear amplifierEven if the power display is becoming more and more popular, many of you still need to zoom in on the existing passive speakers.The RA series amplifiers provide more power and better performance than the alesis originalra100 at a lower total cost per watt.
They are very quiet, which makes them very suitable for the studio monitor.Each crown amplifier uses advanced convection heat dissipation.The result is a long-term stable operation without the influence of heatAssociated complications, no additional interference and annoyance from fan cooling eliminate the danger of losing hard coolingto-Hear details due to noise amplifier performance.
Crown amplifier keeps cool working temperature under the force of innovationAir cooling system with variable temperaturespeed fans.Trouble-Free operation by morePower Stage protection-Overheating, overheatingCurrent, short circuit, low output time and DC voltage ensure complete reliability in the most needed conditions.If you spend any time on professional audio, you'll know what the Crown of the name is, and it represents incredible performance and the best support in business.
K1 provides unparalleled quality and quiet operation for portable PA or installation, providing more power and sound while generating a power supply and soundHeat from conventional amplifiers.All the cases are sturdy and have only two racks of high space.The K-series amplifier provides you with great power.
In fact, a powerful K2 amplifier can output an astonishing 1250 watts per channel to 2 ohms.The K-series amplifier does not require an internal cooling fan, which means there is no fan noise.The enclosed chassis makes these amplifiers virtually immune to dust, cigarette smoke, stage fog, and crowbar spills.
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