digital karaoke machine

by:Winbridge      2019-11-09
Emerson has been producing great family karaoke players for years.They continue to build on the good reputation of creating innovative and modern players to adapt to the needs of every ever-changing karaoke market.The GM527 DVD/cdg k Song player is an example of this innovation.
It offers a very pleasant karaoke experience with new features that should be useful for beginners or casual karaoke enthusiasts.Its price is around $100.00 to $125.00, so it is one of the more affordable players;This adds to its appeal.Design: The GM527 is one of Emerson's new models, with a stylish black design for any environment.
It has a compact building with handles on the side for easy transportation from place to place.Two microphone holders are built into the top of the machine, along with the iPod dock, USB/SD card slot, headphone jack, and basic control buttons.There are control buttons on the front such as speakers, CD players and play/stop, digital keys and recording.
Also in front, there are two microphone inputs on the left and right side of the machine.All the other connections are behind.This includes the battery box (8 "C" batteries are required), the audio output (RCA-Video output (RCA-white and red)Yellow) and auxiliary inputs that can be used for iPod or MP3 players.GM527 has a built-inIn the 7 \ "TFT color screen that makes it very easy to watch the lyrics.
It works on 120VAC, battery or 12 v car adapters (sold separately ).Features: It also features basic functions on most karaoke machines such as balance control, Echo and digital key controls that allow you to change the keys of your music.The GM527 is capable of playing normal CD, CD graphics, and dvd.
Keep in mind that lyrics can only be displayed on CD graphics and K Song dvd.However, being able to support all of these media types can provide you with a wider range of media options.Easily find the music you like.You can also connect your iPod or MP3 player to the GM527.
You can even watch movies on a built-in DVD.Or connect it to the TV screen.It features a recording function that allows you to record music and sing digitally on a USB device or SD card.Even though it has a built-inIn the monitor that displays the lyrics, you can still connect the machine to an external source, such as a TV, to display the lyrics.
If you use GM527 for more people in a larger area, simply connect the audio output to the surround sound system.The built-Bright screen and good image quality.It should be fine to see the lyrics or any DVD images.
GM527 is available for children and adults.Family friendlyParty or office partyIts compact and lightweight design makes it the perfect machine for transportation anywhere.For those long family road trips, there is even a car adapter.
The GM527 is not made for elite karaoke singers, but for causal karaoke fans and for those of us who like to play a tune from time to time, and the GM527 will function properly
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