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by:Winbridge      2019-10-04
A computer speaker or multimedia speaker is an external speaker, usually equipped with a low level speakerInternal power amplifier.The standard audio connection is 3.5mm (1/8) stereo jack plug frequently color-The coded lime green of the computer sound card (following the PC 99 standard ).Two plugs and socketsWire (signal and ground) coaxial cables that are widely used to connect analog audio and video components.
Also known as the "phono connector", a row of RCA sockets can be found on the back of the stereo amplifier and many a/V products.1/8 long "5/16 thick ".Some people use RCA connectors for input.There is also a USB speaker, which is powered at a 5 V voltage of 200 mA provided by the USB port, allowing about half a watt of output power.Computer speakers are widely used in quality and price.
The computer speakers that are usually packaged with computer systems are small plastic boxes, and the sound quality is general.Some slightly better computer speakers have equalization functions such as bass and treble control, which improves sound quality to a certain extent.The internal amplifier requires an external power supply called "wall-wart\'.
More complex computer speakers may have a "subwoofer" unit to enhance the bass output, which usually includes a power amplifier for the bass speaker, as well as a small satellite speaker.These first speakers use magnets because large and powerful permanent magnets are often not available at a reasonable price.The coil of the magnet, known as the field coil, is excited by the current by connecting with the second pair of the driver.
This winding usually has a double effect and also acts as a power supply for the choke, filtering the amplifier connected by the Speaker.The AC ripple in the current is attenuated by the action of the choke;However, the frequency of the AC line tends to modulated the audio signal sent to the sound circle and added to the hum of the power onSound reproduction device.The quality of the speaker system was poor until 1950 seconds.
The continuous development of shell design and materials has led to significant auditory improvement.The most significant improvement of modern speakers is the improvement of tapered materials, the introduction of high temperature adhesives, improved permanent magnet materials, improved measurement techniques, computer-aided design and finite element analysis.Modern design of mobileOliver Lodge has built a coil Drive in (1898.
The principle of the moving circle was established by Chester W in 1924.Rice and Edward W.Pc speaker: the biggest feature of the PC speaker is the inability to play multiple tones at the same time, and the waveform is generated by a programmable interval timer.Because of this, it is often nicknamed a PC pager or a PC squeak, especially when the sound card becomes widespread.
PC speakers are usually used in very innovative ways to create impressions of multi-tone music or sound effects in computer games.A speaker, speaker, or speaker system is an electro-mechanical converter that converts an electrical signal to a sound.The term "speaker" can refer to a single sensor device (also known as a drive), or to a complete system consisting of a shell containing one or more drives and electrical filter assemblies.
Speakers, like any other electronic device.The sound sensor is the most variable element in the audio system, responsible for the maximum sound difference between the sound systems.Application speakers, whether loud or pc or normal, have great advantages, and have a vital role in addition to playing music or sound, when running on any pc with a good bass effect, the TV seems to be a deaf and dumb type, so the speaker seems to be a crucial role in this era, it is also widely used in mobile technology.
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