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by:Winbridge      2019-12-06
Lorex LW2002W digital portable color LCD wireless monitoring system is as effective as video baby monitor and monitoring system.
Lorex LW2002W has the latest digital technology to prevent interference.The system uses the technology of "jumping frequency spectrum" to ensure the privacy and non-interference of cordless phones, wireless routers and microwave ovens.As a parent, you know the benefits of being able to see and hear your child are well worth investing in a video baby monitor.When you go and check if your child is still sleeping, don't wake up your child by accident any more, just look at your monitor.From a safety point of view, it is priceless to always be able to see the benefits of your child.

A high quality picture can be seen on the display.4\" LCD screen.The camera is able to view the image with insufficient light or complete darkness.The camera is equipped with a power adapter, rechargeable battery and stand.The volume on the display can be adjusted by using the up and down arrow buttons.A special feature of this digital video baby monitor is that it can support 3 other cameras that are already paired with the receiver (4 in total ).If you want to see a second child in another room, or even use another camera as a surveillance camera in front of your house, this is ideal.However, the extra camera is quite expensive, about 80% of the initial system purchase cost.

From Lorex LW2002W digital video baby monitor you will get a clear and clear sound.Transmission range up to 450 feet.It has a highly sensitive microphone that lets you hear every sound your baby makes if you want to too.If the noise in the room is below a certain level, the sound is automatically muted, then when the sound in the room (E.G.Baby Cry) reach the threshold and the sound starts again.It is designed to prevent white noise, but it seems to be an unwelcome feature of Lorex video baby monitor --Some parents prefer to turn on the sound using the optional mute feature.

Lorex LW 2002 W digital video baby monitor is very easy to install for just a few minutes.There is a "out of range" message that will notify you when your camera and monitor (receiver) are too far apart to communicate with strong signals.

The image of the camera can be displayed as a split screen on the TV using the picture-in-picture.This allows you to watch TV and watch your baby at the same time.The system can also work with recording devices such as VCR or DVR.
When used as a video baby monitor, there are only some adverse comments on Lorex LW2002W digital wireless monitoring system, the main reason is that the sound cannot be turned on continuously, secondly, if you take the handheld display too close to the camera, you can get audio feedback, however, this is the standard for any audio device if the receiver is too close to the source.Third, the battery life is a bit poor.
Overall, this is just an excellent, affordable digital baby monitor disguised as a monitoring system, and if privacy and non-interference are a high priority feature, then Lorex LW2002W digital monitoring system is the video baby monitor you need.Parents rated this monitor 4 * out of 5 *.
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