directional microphone the history of hearing aids - an introduction

by:Winbridge      2019-09-29
Throughout the history of hearing aids, there has always been an important factor that people with hearing difficulties must be prepared to work with doctors in order to find the biggest solution.In the distant past, many people did not want to carry large equipment with them.Fortunately, it is much easier for these people to enjoy a life full of hearing now.
Now, let's take a look at the history of these wonderful lives.Enhanced equipment.Before 1890s.An acoustic device made of wood, metal or other such substances.1890s -1920s.A portable device that misses the function.
1920s -1950s.
Portable devices developed due to vacuum tubes and transistors make later models very practical and discrete.1960s -1980s.Further development allows hearing aids to be installed in the ears.1980s -1990s.Computer technology introduces programmable hearing aids into the world.
Very good improvement.
1990s -2000s.
Models that fit perfectly inside the ear canal become common.2000s -present.Behind the ear mold in the forefront of design.Hearing aids hundreds of years ago were huge devices, usually made of wood, animal horns, metal, or shells.
While these big-ear trumpets are a bit effective in helping people hear their voices better, they are also a shame and are obvious to all who see them.In order for the user to experience an increase in hearing, he must keep the long device in the direction of the sound he needs to hear.Of course, smaller speakers can be used, but the effect is the same.
Some people use tubes to take away the receiving end next to the ears of people with hearing problems, and the other end is close to a person talking or any other sound the user needs to hear.In the 19 th century, it was an interesting thing for a Portuguese hearing-impaired King to use the revised throne to help.The Kings will not use clumsy trumpets because they will certainly tarnish their royal image.
Moreover, the king did not want to be very close to the people who came to chat with them.The throne of this king was changed by the tube inside, and it ended in a carved lion on the throne.Mainly speaking to The Lion, the king will hear everything clearly.
Unfortunately, not everyone has a throne to use.Therefore, unfortunately, hearing aids did not develop very quickly until electricity was invented in the 1800 s.These basic models were first used for hearing aids in 1892, but did not help much.
Years later, a new type of hearing aid came out.These devices sit on the table and amplify the sound with a microphone made of carbon dust and batteries.This is the development of Alexander Graham Bell's telephone work.
This was later replaced by a solid carbon microphone, but the price of these special models is out of reach for almost everyone.The old traditional hearing aid trumpet is still very popular, but the modern hearing aid era is not far away.After the 1920 s, in order to greatly improve the portability of these devices, the hearing aid began to use vacuum tube technology.
Production has increased and competition among different manufacturers has increased.However, this particular model of hearing aid is not popular for a long time.When the transistor was manufactured in the late 1940 s, the size of the hearing aid decreased sharply because it was so large that it had been carried before.
John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattan have improved the technology, which is the basis of all modern hearing aids.Small, lowCost price and extended battery life help many people hear better.In the 1960 s, directional microphones were innovated, which brought a very high level of understanding.
Even over the years, improved circuit boards are being built to distinguish between voice and background noise, just like the breeze on the corner.Further increase in technology at 1970 and 1980, hearing aids are getting lower and lowerpriced.New battery technology and digital computer chips help with the quality of these modern hearing aids.
In the next decade, programmable has become the frontier of development.Based on the new digital engineering, users can change the specific properties of a specific hearing aid according to the specific situation.If the wearer has an intimate dinner with their spouse, they can adjust the settings and even hear gentle words.
Hearing aids can also be programmed for larger occasions such as cricket matches.As you can see, the hearing aid has changed a lot in the past 100.Modern hearing aids are fully functional and can distinguish between sound and noise.
With the development of hearing aids, design is the greatest progress.From an surgically implanted hearing aid to an CIC device completely in the canal, to the back of an ear hearing aid, this excellent invention is almost impossible to find.Hyundai has really provided an excellent choice for those who want to fully enjoy the audio aspect of life.
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