discount bluetooth speakers how to make a good resume (part two) -

by:Winbridge      2019-10-17
Your educational background: your educational background is the first important factor in determining your prospects for at least five years.That's why Cambridge is the cradle of famous writers, and Yale has trained 13 principals early or late.Which university did you graduate from?What degree did you get?You must make them clear in your resume.
Watch you show the details of your hobbies and idols: My friend successfully applied for a decent job last month when he was asked to introduce some of his work experiences;His answer really shocked all of us: just share the same hobby, fishing with the super manager in HR.The lovely leader explained that a person with a fishing hobby must be a gift with a cold mind and a strong will;He believes that fishing for big fish requires a patient person first, and a person with deep thoughts. this is the kind of person they are looking.
It is a wholesale company specializing in the wholesale of various discounted electronic products on the internet. let's pay attention to their major: In their view, the person responsible for persuading online buyers around the world to buy as many flash drives and Bluetooth speakers from them as possible should be someone with the above features.What's more interesting is that they don't believe that job seekers express their calmness and patience in their resumes, which is different from the traditional judgment, that company is more likely to judge the true personality of a thing from his/her hobbies!It's original, isn't it?So my dear job seeker, keep in mind that you live in a society full of different views, and that you will benefit from this habit as long as you pay more attention to the details that others may not notice.
As the saying goes, some details determine whether you succeed or fail.Your character: no one knows your real character better than yourself, but trust me, please don't lie on your resume, you know?The company doesn't want to spend too much time judging if you are suitable for the position you are looking for, you 'd better tell them the truth, it's human nature that a person has an advantage and a disadvantage.All you have to do is highlight your quirks while hiding the flaws.
Your previous company: in fact, no one can ignore his history, especially those who want to start over in a strange environment.So keep in mind that people who work in HR usually have good judgment, so when they don't see you, most of them will mention your previous company and your previous position
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