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by:Winbridge      2019-11-04
The response to the drums requires a special type of microphone.Taking into account the need of the drum to respond to the instrument, a drum microphone was designed.Miniature instruments for special types...The response to the drums requires a special type of microphone.
Taking into account the needs of the drum response instrument, the drum response instrument is designed.For a special type of microphone, the normal microphone is useless in this case.The instrument drum microprocessor has a special design to meet the requirements of drum recording and responding to its high frequency level.
As an instrument, the sound of the drum is very loud and does not match other instruments.It is not possible for all instrument microphones to match the frequency level of the drum frequency, because the drum will produce a very high sound pressure level.If the micro-phone cannot maintain the high pressure generated by the drum group, the micro-phone cannot perfectly respond or capture the drum sound.
So you can't use any instrument microphone in the case of drum set.In this case, the instrument drum mini speaker is specially designed to match the loud pressure level produced by the drum set.Drums are known to be not an instrument, but a different set of instruments such as kick or drum, military drum, Thomas, cym and percussion.
These instruments make separate sounds alone.The texture, frequency and pressure levels of these instruments do not match.Therefore, a single type of drum microphone cannot meet the requirements of drum recording, or these drum microphones cannot respond to their variable sound levels.
If you look closely at the sounds of these instruments, you will find that the sounds of each instrument are different.The instrument drum mini phone is provided in the form of a mini phone kit.In the instrument drum microphone kit, you will get a specific microphone for each drum group.
There are 5 groups of these drum microphones, and even 8 groups.10 drum microphones.In fact, the number of microphones depends entirely on how you want to capture the sound of the drum through the microphone.The microphones are placed in different positions so that they can respond perfectly to each drum sound.
Instruments drummicrophones are available in both forms;Dynamic drum microphone and capacitive drum microphone.These two types of drum microphones are excellent in performance, and you can choose either of these two drum microphones.You have to pay attention to the settings of these musical instruments drum microtones, because the setting of microtones is a very important issue here.
Make sure you put your drum phone in the right place.The microphone for the kick must be set with the kick or it will not work properly.Each microphone has the ability to respond to a fixed frequency level, which works well in addition to the level.
Therefore, these microphones must be set in the right place to forget about the better performance of these microphones.Therefore, the instrument drum is miniature in the complete package.By working alone, these microphones capture the harmonious drum sound as a unit.
Each instrument drum mini speaker in the kit has special features, if you use your wisdom when choosing an instrument drum mini speaker for your studio or live sound performance, you will use it from these drum microphones
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