dynamic microphone businesses using web 2.0 - speed versus quality: which ...

by:Winbridge      2019-09-28
I work with many excellent personal development and business growth experts who are making the world a better place.In their industry, as in most industries, there seems to be two trends in audio: speed or quality.In the speed category, they are working to keep up with the rapid pace of the industry by developing and publishing information as soon as possible.
This sometimes means being online immediately after a conference call, or recording your own network audio or podcast through a cheap dynamic microphone plugged into the laptop's input jack.This did finish the work...in a sense.As a businessman, you must remember that you are always building a brand.Would you give someone a business card that you just scribbled out, not even a proofreader with misspelling?If speed is your main goal, it's basically what you're doing.
Another disadvantage of distinguishing yourself by speed is that you are always deceiving yourself on the way forward.You may get more bulk audio, but what can you do with them tomorrow?Absolutely nothing.Let's look at the quality.With high-quality, top-You look good, simple and clear.
The right brand is not allowed.
brainer!Whether your podcast is on the air, your audience is listening, or you still look good after a month.On the way, if you want to create an information product in a CD or downloadable form, you are ready without having to go to the studio to develop new audio, hire voice talent, or create a script.You have done the heavy work ahead!You may not have as much quality audio as your target.
But you will have more impact, which in turn will give you and your audience a better result.Which one are you following?
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