dynamic microphone How to Build an Affordable Multi Track Home Recording Studio

by:Winbridge      2019-12-11
Fortunately, for all the tracking enthusiasts and professionals, in fact, there are hundreds of trusted online sites that provide a wealth of valuable tips and practical ideas related to the design of the basic layout, then assemble the necessary equipment montage needed to build the self, complete function, user friendly home studio.All affiliate, selfless, web-based contributors have something unique, educational, and sometimes with experienced experts like me or interested novice audio production artistsThe following entries are based entirely on personal profiles and memories and can now be officially added to the virtual folder of online information.Resources that can be easily accessed through simple tapping of fingers, provide information to a generally connected community to help them guide them conveniently in the initial planning phase and equipment purchase activities, this is the creation of quasiProfessionalhouse layout.
Higher Education or a full understanding of technical magic is undoubtedly an additional bonus when actively creating this type of hi-However, although there is a large amount of material to learn from and learn from, especially for inexperienced beginners, this is not a prerequisite for participation and the lack of expertise in this area will not automatically disqualify, thus ruling out the possibility for novices to pursue dream studios in the context of today's simplified and compact user-friendly digital recording products.Even to a certain extent experienced professionals, before operating some of the latest cutting-edge gears in today's market, inevitably need to endure the learning curve.
Just as doctors and lawyers have to review the latest technology or procedures on a regular basis to maintain sufficient skill levels and effectively perform key actions to save lives, so do e-connoisseurs and recording studio masters.However, if you pursue "perfection" in the literal sense by raising your expectations to levels that cannot be achieved or achieved, for example, trying to build the next "Abbey Road" or "Electric Ladyland Studio", the detailed guide below may be a bit far from this lofty goal.On the other hand, if you are interested in piecing together an efficient and powerful thing, cutting-edge multi-track recording studio, capable of producing high-quality recordings in a comfortable home, instead of being subject to annoying time constraints or financial constraints, a project inevitably costs a fraction of what a typical professional studio might charge, please read on.
Considering that the average home is now equipped with at least one personal computer, it may be easier to design and create a home studio than you think.
Dream of recording, mixing, mastering and music distribution-

We have identified the primary key facts.We need a computer, preferably a computer that can maintain its function without causing intermittent or continuous service interruptions or "slowing down" operations due to over-loaded components or long-term memory loss ".Your computer must have the ability to store a large number of music files afterRecord the mix and mastery, as well as enough free space to download the DAW (digital audio workstation) software of your choice.High-speed Internet services are essential for efficiency, otherwise post-Fine tuning and mastery of production.So before starting the first step, make sure that the main computer that will be used in this ongoing project, before buying a recorder or any other additional equipment around, I was able to handle the stressful work.Once you have determined that your device contains the required working horse and that you have confidence in your assessment, you have also confirmed that the computer in question has sufficient functionality, now is the time to start studying the following essentials online.


(Zoom, Tascam, and Boss make an attractive range of user-friendly and affordable digital recorders ).

$75-For $100 each (Gogo Voice & Shure makes a cheap microphone line for a very reasonable price.Shure also bundled a reasonably priced microphone in the 3 & 6 pack.Check out online retail sites regularly for specials and discounted items ).


TiVo Voice & Shure has manufactured a cheap condenser series that is reasonably priced and attractive ).

$200 (some digital recorders include free software purchased, or you can use the free online version of "bold ).


$25-$50 each (Samson offers a cheap microphone and headset package.See if there are similar offers for online retailers ).

I have considered a scenario where all of the above components need to be purchased.We also assume that all instruments and accessories are owned and available.
Today there are several state-of-the-art multi-track digital recorders on the market, and many are locked at very reasonable, consumer-friendly prices compared to decades ago.In addition, the vast majority of units include a large number of built-in or pre-Programming features that allow artists to create polished, professional quality sound reproduction without any further help.Many models are equipped with everything you need to embed or directly integrate into your device, which allows you the flexibility to create high-quality recordings.This undoubtedly provides a convenient, comfortable experience for all in a portable studio.Depending on the specific production and model, some units contain a wide range of effects that can be manipulated and fused together to create virtually unlimited synthetic sound choices.In some models, processing tools and mixing and mastering sweeteners are also standard facilities.The limiter and condenser are also very valuable features, just like the stereo condenser microphone designed to enhance sound performance, which is also a highly sought after exclusive feature in some selected models.
When purchasing a digital recorder, I recommend asking you about the standard options (if any) for each unit ).Thorough comparison of the store and in-depth investigation to find the obvious difference between the products is an important job to ensure that you buy the best and most suitable recorder for the intended purpose.Once you 've started your research journey, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out how many different competing features and useful tools are built in now as standard compliments to the console.A favourable development in product marketing can save you hundreds of dollars of consumers, and in some cases thousands of dollars can buy each individual component separately.
Is the microphone expensive or cheap?
Due to the countless hours of continuous work in the studio, I firmly believe that both vocals and instruments are truly shaped and finely tuned, mainly in the mixing and mastering stages and recording stages, so it seems to me that there is no need to spend too much money on a microphone or headphones that simply pick up sound or play tracks for audio monitoring.Built-in post-production effects included in the digital recorder or DAW software body can perform almost any enhancement, or the audio change miracle you desire, as long as you have a basic electronic device, can effectively receive the signal, carry the signal without major distortion, and then store it in the recorder storageWhen you finally know that vocal tracks will undoubtedly be adjusted, manipulated and shaped, why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a capacitive microphone?So no matter how expensive or "top" The microphone is, in the later stagesIn production, you can believe that there will be a lot of sound adjustments in the final stage of processing, so why not use cheap microphone models?Just a professional opinion.
Work Station -Mobile or permanent?
If you already have access to a large workstation for your desktop PC and keyboard, then other elements of the integrated studio should be a relatively easy task.The digital recorder will consume about one to two square feet of space, as well as all other accessories, equipment and components, such as microphones and brackets, cables, etc, which are portable devices, can be stored in a closet or garage and summoned when needed.My personal preference is a "mobile" studio where everything, including a tape recorder, is stored on the desktop or another safe place until the next exciting recording session.I prefer portability because the size of most components is negligible and the weight is very light, which makes it easier to set up and break down after recording a few minutes of easy household chores.Also, the portability aspect eliminates the "mess" around my PC workstation, so when I temporarily shut down the studio and use the computer for business purposes, the nearby area is still organized, and ready for the next family project.
I strongly recommend not to permanently connect a digital recorder or any other electronic device to a desk or computer workstation in case you decide to move, clean or upgrade your studio in the future.If the correct screws or hardware used to fix the assembly are not used for connection, you may find that it is difficult or impossible to remove it later without scratches or even serious damage to the wood surface of the furniture.
-Time to -MAKE MUSIC -
-The hard work is over.It's time to start having fun.No other medium can shape the world like music.Create your inner desires with your imaginationDon't be obsessed with perfection-Enjoy the fun, enjoy the experience-
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