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by:Winbridge      2019-10-12
We gathered in Rockwall near Dallas for Thanksgiving at our daughter Amanda and her husband Russell's house.Our daughter, Joe Allen, and her husband, Curt, came in from the Tampa area;Our son, Jon, and his wife, Priscilla, came from downtown Russia.Also, mom rode with us from San Antonio and Shirley's mom came over from the Financial Times.
It was a wonderful family party!We had an incredible meal prepared by Amanda and then we went back to the living room to sing.Shirley bought me a karaoke as a Christmas present.So, we had a good time with it.As night fell, Amanda asked, "Do you want a fire in the fireplace?We think it will be good.
She and her brother began to light it.
Jon took the lighter and she turned on the gas.Suddenly, a flash!!!Jon jumped back screaming and scared the rest of us!Amanda accidentally drove too much gas and caused an explosion.Jon was frightened but not hurt.His burnt hair will grow back.When I had time to think about what was going on, I realized how close we were to the disaster.
The House may be on fire.
To make matters worse, Jon or Amanda may have been seriously injured.Thankfully, nothing happened.In this regard, I began to think about how many "no" I had to thank.Holidays are a good time to be reminded for each of us.
For example, when an incredible number of people travel, nothing happens to us.We were not involved in the accident, we did not get the traffic ticket and did not collapse.The rest of the family went home safely by plane and car.
Also, it has nothing to do with poor health, which also prevents any of us from attending the party.Nothing is life.It's wrong for any of us to have a threat.There are too many things to thank.J.B.When the rest of us (Barbers) are away, I would love to fill it out in the store.
Nothing unusual happened.
No plumbing issues, no electrical issues and no customer issues.As expected, progress was very smooth.At home, we found everything when we left.Our cat is very nice and the house is very comfortable.
There was no problem there.
What is my point?BARBER-OSOPHY: when we tend to complain because of what we don't have, maybe we should list many "things that we don't have" that we should be very grateful ".Sumerlin Enterprise Copyright 2004.As long as you include the above copyright and contact information, you can copy the article for distribution.Please refer to or include a link to www.barber-osophy.com
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