good wireless microphone 'I wasn't sure I'd ever be ok again': KGO anchor returns to the air after debilitating concussion

by:Winbridge      2019-12-24
good wireless microphone \'I wasn\'t sure I\'d ever be ok again\': KGO anchor returns to the air after debilitating concussion
Natasha zuvis, an ABC 7 anchor and a native of the Bay Area, just finished the work news last summer when someone's metal hair cans exploded.After a while, when she went to charge the wireless microphone, she slipped on the liquid and fell back.The back of her head hit the concrete floor."hard.Mavis was tearfully exposed to the news that she was injured on Monday morning's news show.As she said, she "really has no concept of what's going on in the future."After experiencing extreme light sensitivity, constant vomiting of weathering and some briefShe went to the emergency room and found she had a serious concussion."I was very scared and sick," Zouves explained in an on ."Segment on KGO."I have a bad headache. it seems that I have an ice cone in my head. The medicine can't seem to touch it --All I can do is wait a few hours in the dark and pray that it stops every day...I'm not sure if I'm going to be okay."Perhaps the most shocking thing is that she can't smell it.All of this turned into a state she said was "very scary", in stark contrast to her career peak, which she won two Emmy Awards a few weeks ago.A few months after her recovery, she returned to her parents' home, and now she is back at the anchor station, "with a new understanding of how delicate, complex and precious our brains are.Many people outside sportsNPR reports that there is one for almost every four people.Had a concussion;Some experienced people may not even be aware of this."It's a long way to go and it's going to take a lot of treatment and re-treatmenttraining —"But over time, with the help of a truly amazing team of doctors, I appreciate the report saying that I did better," Zouves wrote ."."I grew up in the Bay Area and my parents watched abc 7 when I was a child, so it was more than just a job for me.I'm very happy that I'm back."Alyssa Pereira is a staff writer for SFGATE.Email her at apereira @ sfchronicle.Or find her on @ alyspereira's Twitter.
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