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Good speakers and home parts-The theater system is cheaper than ever.But it may be time to choose a separate component.Spending, connecting them can be a challenge.
You can avoid some trouble.
..Good speaker and ahome componentsThe theater system is cheaper than ever.But it may be time to choose a separate component.Spending, connecting them can be a challenge.
You can avoid some trouble by buying an all-in-A "home in the box" system that combines the receiver with a set of matching speakers, lines, and usually advanced players.Unless you are a serious music listener, you will most likely find that the sound quality is good.Which home theater packages include receivers that can decode numbers-Six to eight stereo speakers-2 front, 1 Center, 2 to 4 rear surround speakers and 1 subwoofer--The sound has been matched.
You can get all the cables and lines you need, usually the color-Coding or marking for easy installation.Most systems include a progressiveScan DVD player and power subwoofer built into receiver or separate components.There's something in the VCR too.Price range: the typical system is $200 to $1,000, and the system for enthusiasts is $2,000 or more.
Most in PanasonicandSonyareSell brands in the market.Important features of home receivers-theater-in-a-The box system tends to the simple side.They usually include Dolby numbers and dts decoders that handle surround sound tracks when playing DVDs.
Controls should be easy to use.
Look for a front panel where the display and controls are grouped by function and marked with clear labels.Through the screen display, you can control the receiver through the TV screen.The switch AC output lets you plug in other components and open the whole system with one button.
You can use about 20 or more music on AM and FM stations.Most receivers also provide sleep timers to turn them on or off at preset times.When the remote control has clear labels and different labels, they are most usefulShape and colorEncoding button grouped by function.
The universal remote control can control many devices.A component-If you choose to switch the video signal through the receiver, the video output on the receiver that can be connected to the TV can improve the image quality;However, not many receivers have such outputs.Instead, most peopleVideo output, a little lower than the component connection, but more than composite-Video or radio frequency (antenna) connection.
Also looking for anS-Video input, which allows you to transmit signals from external dvd players, digital cameras, or certain cables or satellite boxes through the system.Any player you want to connect needs the same numberAudio connection with the attached receiver, both optical and coaxial.If you want to connect occasionally on the front line-Maybe for camera or mp3 player-You need the front-panel inputs.
The DSP (for digital signal processor) mode uses a digital circuit to replicate the sound measurement of the concert hall.Each mode represents a different listening environment.A bass-The boost switch zoomed in the deepest sound.
Asubwoofermay is powered or not.
Both types can be done, but the power subwoofer can often provide more control over the bass.Some models of integrated DVD players usually feature less than the standSeparate DVD playerPredictable features include programmable (playing a cd is more useful than playing a dvd), track duplication, and disc duplication.If you want more features, a standIt may be a more sensible choice to use a DVD player alone.
How to choose to decide if you want a DVD player or not.If not, you can save money by buying a system without a system.If you want a DVD in the bundle, consider if you need a multimedia model that can provide uninterrupted playback of music cd and DVD movies, or if you needCD player is OK.
All the DVD-The equipment system we tested has a gradualscan player.When used with regular DVD, these products provide regular DVD image quality, but can provide smoother images when paired with a TV that can display high definitionDefinition (HD) or enhancement-Signal definition (ED ).Multi-Channel DVD supported by some bundled DVD players-Audio and SACD music discs, though not original, highResolution format.
Do you want a separate DVD player or a DVD player integrated with the receiver?Systems that integrate dvd players and receivers in one box tend to offer fewer features and fewer connections than those that have two separate components.The setup of the integrated units is slightly simpler, but they tend to be larger and do not allow you to connect video devices other than the TV to the receiver.Other devices, such as digital devicesVideo Recorder, must be connected directly to the TV.
Make sure there is enough input.
You may want to route video and audio signals through your homeTheater receivers, so you can easily switch between sources such as aVCR, cable or satellite boxes and digital video recorders.Before purchasing, consider which devices you want to transfer through your homeThe theater unit, and the unit you can connect directly to the TV, and make sure you have enough proper input and output.Each type of connection is capable of delivering different levels of video quality.
If you want to connect a DVD player to a TV via TV, look for a DVD player with S-Video, componentsVideo or video connection, this should give you better picture quality than composite materialvideo hookup.With audio input you need a digital inputAudio input for transmitting undecoded digital audio from a DVD player, digital-Cable box or satellite receiver.Make sure the input at home-The theater system matches the output on another device.
Some of these units have optical numbers-Audio output, while others have coaxial numbers-audio output.(HDMI connection carries audio and video in one cable ).If you want to connect a turntable and see if your turntable needs a special record player input, it's hard to do so.
If you want to connect occasionally, maybe a camera or game system, and your TV does not have access to the front video input, look for the front video input on the receiverpanel inputs.Get features that suit your needs.With any system you can feel free to use am/FM music, Dolby Digital and dtssurround-Sound support with at least 5 speakers.1 surround settings.Some systems now include an integrated XM satellite.
Radio tuner or USB port for connecting iPod or other portable music player so that you can listen to music through the sound system.Additional features such as switch AC sockets are less common than component receivers, so make sure the system has what you want.Screen display makes it easy to set up and adjust various functions using a TV screen instead of a small monitor on the console.
In the system we tested, only the system that integrates the DVD player with the receiver has a screen display.Some models provide updated Dolby and dtssurround formats for processing 6.1 or 7.1 channel to support one or two additional rearSurround speakers, respectively.
These formats are still not widely used in movies, but may become more common in the future.Warranty should also be considered.You may get 24-Monthly insurance for some models, not 12 months.All rights reserved©2002-US 2006 Consumer AllianceS.
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