karaoke cd player ***12 easy tips to guarantee stress free group travel

by:Winbridge      2019-10-12
If you are planning a group tour, there are a lot of things you can do to make it fun and enjoyable for yourself and your fellow travelers to travel.This is a great list to start.1.Carry a small bag with you on the bus.Although your main luggage will be in the designated area of the bus, you should pack a small carry-on luggage on the bus.It will be convenient for snacks, reading books and other accessories that you may want to easily and quickly.
Don't forget your camera.
Don't forget to take pictures once you pack your camera!I know it sounds obvious, but I'm always attracted to the sights and sounds so much that I really forgot to take pictures!(Duh!)3.Get a series of wonderful jokes, riddles and experiences to share with the team!Just need a joke to get everyone else off!We shared riddles, jokes and laughed all the way to the next rest area and had a great time.4.Bring some great movies.Many tour buses have DVD players.At least we haveLearn in advance, if any, to rent some great movies for "en route" entertainment.
Be sure to pick a variety of movies, such as animated films if you have children in your team, action movies that involve teenagers, documentaries or family dramas for adult audiences5.Bring some great music CDs.Many tourist cars also have CD players.We play our favorite and like to sing together.Maybe you can organize a "on the road" karaoke contest for your team.
Don't forget your medicine.
This is crucial.
Maybe this should be at the top of the list, but be sure to put all the necessary medication in your carry-on bag on the bus.7.Please pack a small pillow for a comfortable sleep.If you're like me, a moving vehicle and a cool environment are open invitations for a nap!To improve my sleep comfort, I took a small pillow and took a nap between the rest stations!The team leader has photos to prove this!His "hobby" is to collect photos of travelers sleeping!Maybe I will post that photo here!(Not)8.
A blanket may be needed.
Those tourist buses will get cold!!!My blanket came in handy.9.Binoculars.If your trip includes outdoor sightseeing, you must have a pair of binoculars.10.Bathing suites.Swimming pools are available in most hotels.
It's a wonderful "treat" for those kids who do well all day traveling "!If you're near the beach ...... You have to take a shower!11.Don't forget your passport.If you are traveling international, you will most likely need a passport.Ensure a copy of your passport and other important travel documents and keep them in a safe place!12.
Don't forget your ticket.
It seems obvious, but it has happened before.Thankfully, most airlines are turning to e-commerce.So this may soon be the past.After all, we need to remember enough other things.
Bring a bright smile!Smile is contagious!The most important thing is that they are free!
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