karaoke dvd player Sony DVP-SR200P CD/DVD Player Troubleshooting

by:Winbridge      2019-12-13

The Sony DVP-SR200P CD/DVD player supports playing standard DVD, CD, video CD, dvd rw, DVD-R DL, DVD-R, CD-RW, SVCD CD-R and various other disc types.The Sony CD/DVD player also supports MP3 and JPEG playback and allows users to enable progressive scanning.Most of the common problems you can encounter with players can usually be solved by trouble shooting.

Sony DVP may have various problemsSR200P CD/DVD player that does not display pictures or distorted pictures.First, make sure the video cable is securely connected to the video output jack on the back of the Sony DVPSR200P CD/DVD player and video input jack on external device.Second, check whether the video cable is damaged, such as cutting and wear of the cable protector.Third, make sure that the appropriate input is selected on the external device.Fourth, remove the disc from Sony DVP-SR200P CD/DVD player and check if it is damaged, such as scratches or cracks, and dirt or debris stuck on the disc.You can't do anything if the disc is damaged, but if the disc is dirty, clean it with a soft cloth.Finally, disable line-by-line scanning on the Sony CD/DVD player.

First, make sure the audio cable is firmly connected;Loose cable connections may cause the audio feed to be unable to connect to the TV or to the connected external speaker system.Second, check the audio cable for signs of cutting and wear.Third, make sure the audio cable is connected to the audio output jack on the Sony DVPSR200P CD/DVD player and audio input jack on external device.Fourth, make sure to set the external device to the input corresponding to the location of the audio cable connection.Fifth, you won't hear any audio when Sony DVPCD/DVD player in slow speedWhen the mobile playback mode or player is fast in or rewind;This is normal operation.Finally, make sure that the disc you are watching or listening to has an audio feed.

Sony DVP-The SR200P CD/DVD player supports MP3 playback and does not support playback of MP3PRO files.Also, you won't be able to hear MP3 files if the Sony CD/DVD player is set to image mode.

The Sony DVP-The SR200P CD/DVD player cannot display images greater than 3,02 before 2048 when the player is in normal mode or 3.When progressive scanning is enabled, the player is 3 million pixels.Also, make sure Sony DVP-The CD/DVD player is in JPEG mode.

The Sony DVP-The child lock function of the SR200P CD/DVD player has been enabled.You can unlock the disc tray of the CD/DVD player by pressing the return, input and power buttons at the same time.

If Sony DVP-The SR200P CD/DVD player starts to work in an unstable way, such as turning off and turning on its own volume, adjusting its own volume, unplugging the power cord and letting the player work alone for at least 30 seconds.This allows the player to perform a soft reset, which can solve minor issues in Sony DVPSystem for CD/DVD players.Reconnect the cable and turn on the player.If the problem is not resolved, you may need to contact Sony or a professional repair staff.
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