karaoke GET OUT

by:Winbridge      2019-09-25
MURPHYS, Ireland, Launceston: unusual suspects.Royal Oak Hotel Launceston: live music.Lloyds Launceston hotel: Live Entertainment30pm.Launceston alchemy: live music.Oldtudor Hotel, Prospect: eight o'clock P.
, Karaokewith Jellybean.
Bicycle night-Iron Horse Bar & GrillBook 4 tables for free beer or cider.Waterg Tania country club watermenton bar: Consultant seven o'clock P.M-10pm.St Helens side Inn: Marita Mangano6pm.Molly marons, Devonport: jeromeihillier.MURPHYS, Launceston Ireland: Agent 99.Launceston sports Hotel: Luke Parry.Business Hotel Launceston: DJSkippRoyal Oak Hotel Launceston.
Keefes in Launceston: home music.
Lloyds Launceston: teapot Friday nine o'clock P.M-At twelve o'clock A.M., live entertainment starts at ten o'clock P.M.Launceston North club: Happy Hour 5.30pm-7.30 in the evening, live music, DJ Eleven o'clock P.
Hotel Charles Launceston is freshly baked.Launceston alchemy: live music.Star Bar in Launceston: what she said.New York hotel Launceston: Ball and chainLazy Butterfly in Launceston: a night for gay people.Inverme Bowl Club: swamp rock with DJ V8 Jack 7.
Italian club of Australia, prospect: Pirate Army.30pm, $10.Country Club bar, tazhou: TwoStrung nine o'clock P.M-midnight.Waterg Tania country club watermenton bar: Jerome Hillier seven o'clock P.
Prospect: Dennis quilat Iron Horse Bar and Grill.St. Helens crossing: five o'clock P.M.-7 on Sunday7pm.HOUSE nightclub in Devonport: Super glow paint party featuring Seany B, Krunk, some blonde DJs, etc.Devonport Center: Jeff Woodward.Irish village of Launceston: Candy feet.Sports hotels in Launceston: Jules and SIM.
Launceston business hotel: hard drive.
Royal Oak Hotel Launceston: TimHampshire.
KEEFES, Launceston: DJ Skipp.
Lloyds Launceston: Eleven o'clock P.
Dj starting at ten o'clock P.
North Launceston club: DJ11pm.
CHARLES: Denni (live album recording ).
Launceston alchemy: live music.
Star Bar in Launceston: rock pig.
Lazy Butterfly in LauncestonTasmania state country club bar: Nine o'clock P.M-midnight.Waterg Tower state country club Watergate yaton bar: Matthew merringwood seven o'clock P.M-10pm.Tasmania state country club showroom: Tommy Emanuel eight o'clock P.
Iron Horse Bar and Grill, prospect: 24/7.
ROSEVEARS Inn Linshui, Rosevears: Soul of paper.St. Helen's side hotel: 8 Chay Hamilton-late.On the edge of Molly MALONES, Devonport: Gypsy Rose.
HOUSE nightclub in Devonport: Super-glowing dance starring Joel Fletcher, Fabiano, Courtney Mills, etc.Blacksmith Gallery Cafe in Sheffield: Neil Gibson.Royal Oak Hotel Launceston: Open folk conference.
Lloyds Launceston: Twelve O'Clock P.
on Sunday.
Mowbray Hotel, Mowbray: One o'clock P.
Bar and Cafe at St.
Helens crossing: One o'clock P.
Hotel falbridge: Liquid Nails (KyronHowell Band) at four o'clock P.M ).Sulphur Creek Hall in Sulfur Creek: Dance at one o'clock P.M.Irish village of Launceston: Hamish and Gina.
MURPHYS, Launceston Ireland: Agent 99.
Gunners Arms Hotel Launceston: Class 50.
30pm-9pm $5.
Oldtudor Hotel, Prospect: Six o'clock P.
MURPHYS, Launceston Ireland: top music.
Royal Oak Hotel Launceston: Elliot.
Lloyds Launceston hotel: Official Restaurant, specialty drinks, DJ ten o'clock P.M., karaoke OK.Watergate bar, country club, tazhou: Trevor Weaver 6.30pm-8.30pm.Oldtudor Hotel, Prospect a7Six o'clock P.M ,-9pm.It's free to go out.If there is anything you would like to promote, call Glenda on63.
0377 or send an email to gbinns @ examiner.com.au before 4.30 pm the day before publication
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