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by:Winbridge      2019-09-26
The Irish of Launceston: Luke Parry.Royal Oak Hotel Launceston: SarahJane.Les Bank Hotel, Launceston: action to be taken by LeighRatcliffe.30pm.Launceston alchemy: live music.Just arrived at the Charles Hotel in Launceston: LucieThorne and Hamish Stuart 7.30pm.Waterg Tania country club watermenton bar: Consultant seven o'clock P.
Oldtudor Hotel, Prospect: eight o'clock P.M., Karaokewith Jellybean.St Helen's side Inn: MaritaMangano six o'clock P.M.On the edge of Molly MALONES, Devonport: ProudPhoneys.
Launceston, Ireland: no soda.
Launceston sports Hotel: Luke Parry.
Business Hotel Launceston: DJSkippRoyal Oak Hotel Launceston: bomarron.Lloyd's hotel Launceston: teapot Friday, nine o'clock P.M-12am.Brett Coolidge ten o'clock A.M.Launceston North club: Happy Hour 5.30pm-7.30 in the evening, live music, DJ Eleven o'clock P.
Launceston alchemy: live music.
Launceston Star Bar: Lorenzo von Matt Horn.Lazy Butterfly in Launceston: a night for gay people.Fresh food at the Charles Launceston hotel.
Inverme Bowl Club: swamp rock with DJ V8 Jack 7.30pm-late.Tasmania state country club bar: Nine o'clock P.M-12am.Waterg Tania country club Watergate yaton bar: Andy and Woodman 7-10pm.
ROSEVEARS Inn Linshui, Rosevears: paper soul.St. Helens crossing: five o'clock P.M. Sunday-Seven o'clock P.M., seven o'clock P.M. karaoke in the lounge.St Helen's side Inn: Darren Lloyd.On the edge of Molly MALONES, Devonport: no SodaFor Yoda.Ulston River: No. 8 motor vehicle Road30pm.Launceston, Ireland: Lorenzo von Matt Horn.
Launceston Hotel New York: MDMAAlbum launched "what looks like" at eight o'clock P.M ".Sports Inn Launceston: Davenport and Jade.Business Hotel Launceston: DJShane.Royal Oak Hotel Launceston: we are sherriff.
KEEFES, Launceston: DJ Skipp.
Lloyds Launceston: DJ starts at ten o'clock P.M., beer garden entertainment.Launceston North club: HouseDJ eleven o'clock P.M.Launceston alchemy: DJ Akouro.Star Bar in Launceston: good.Lazy Butterfly in LauncestonTasmania state country club bar: Wood & Wood nine o'clock P.
Waterg Tower Country Club watermenton bar: Nic and Carmel seven o'clock P.M-10pm.Iron Horse Bar and Grill, prospect: Crew of Quilla at eight o'clock P.M.Victoria and Hamish waterfront Tavern.St. Helens side hotel: 8 cheyihamelton.On the edge of Molly MALONES, Devonport: no SodaFor Yoda.
Launceston, Ireland: five o'clock P.
, Nessa bloomhall, seven o'clock P.
, Luke Parry, 10 pm Lorenzo von Matt Horn.Royal Oak Hotel Launceston: Open folk conference.Lloyds Launceston: Twelve O'Clock P.M. on Sunday.Star Bar in Launceston: Jed and Dave.Mowbray Hotel, Mowbray: One o'clock P.M.This castle is a seaside pub in roselville.
BRIDGE Hotel: four o'clock P.
by bus.
Alverstone senior citizen Club: country music in Central Coast5pm.Launceston, Ireland: Jack mcneve.Launceston, Ireland: Castle Ben.Gunners Arms Hotel Launceston: Class 50.30pm-9pm $5.Oldtudor Hotel, Prospect: Six o'clock P.M-9pm.Launceston, Ireland: Night of original music.Royal Oak Hotel LauncestonLloyds Launceston hotel: Official night, specialty drinks, DJ ten o'clock P.
, karaoke OK.
Oldtudor Hotel, Prospect a7Six o'clock P.
M ,-9pm.
It's free to go out.
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