karaoke GIG GUIDE

by:Winbridge      2019-09-26
Irish village of Launceston: Lorenzo von mathorn.Launceston: Zach SlaterStar Bar in Launceston: across the border.Royal Oak Hotel Launceston: Entrance to Seventh Street.
Launceston: Luke Parry, nine o'clock P.
Lloyds Launceston: 4-hour power happy hour seven o'clock P.M-Free pool, eleven o'clock P.M., Ali and Jones (bar) 9.30pm.Alchemy in Launceston: live music.Oldtudor Hotel, Prospect: karaoke eight o'clock P.M.Devonport: Jeff Woodward.Devonport: swimming team at Surf Club.Irish village of Launceston: Fletcher.Business Hotel Launceston: DJ SkipSports Inn Launceston: Nathan Whitton and Liam degrees.
Star Bar in Launceston: Lorenzo von mathorn.Royal Oak Hotel Launceston: Mick Attard, etc.Kives in Launceston: Jules.Lloyds Launceston: teapot Friday, happy hour 6-At eight o'clock P.
, the DJ starts at eleven o'clock P.
North Launceston club: live acoustics 5.
At 30 in the evening, the DJ starts at 7.
Launceston alchemy: Six o'clock P.
DJ Akouo, 9-year-old Billy and Dani.
Inverme Bowl Club: swamp rock with DJ V8 Jack 7.30pm-late.Mowbray Hotel: complimentary record machine.The bar at the Tasmania state Country Club: The usual suspect is nine o'clock P.
Country Club Villa Bolt Bar: Geale Brothers, 7-10pm.St. Helens crossing: Glenn Watson's "end of the world" tasmani tour.Bridge Hotel, Forth: Bridge hotel Christmas party with balls and chains.
Burnie: the bar in MAGINTY.
Spurs, Devonport: under the cover.
Downtown Devonport: a group of three.
Irish village of Launceston: Candy feet.
Launceston business hotel: hard drive.
Sports Inn Launceston: Phil Picasso.
Star Bar in Launceston: Lorenzo von mathorn.Royal Oak Hotel LauncestonLaunceston: DJ Skip.Lloyds Launceston: DJ \'s from eleven o'clock P.
North Launceston club: live acoustics, 5.
At 30 in the evening, the DJ starts at 7.
Launceston alchemy: Tim and Fletch nine o'clock P.M. DJ Akouoclose.Tasmania state country club bar: 8-Pure BlondeEleven o'clock P.M. DJ Loco eleven o'clock P.M-1am.St. Helen's side hotel: Karaoke at eight o'clock P.
Intersection of St.
Helens: karaoke in the lounge.
Deloraine Bush Inn: DJ, from nine o'clock P.M.On the edge of Molly MALONES, Devonport: Naughty Monkey.Spurs, DevonportDevonport warehouse: Sarah Robinson.
Bernie, McGinty bar: Midnight.
Five o'clock P.
, Ben Castle, seven o'clock P.
, brothers Geller, nine o'clock P.
, Mike and Jules, ten o'clock P.
Sports hotels in Launceston: In saxophone 4-7pm.Launceston star: Luke Parry, four o'clock P.M. DJ BecSheBounce, 6-8pm.Royal Oak Hotel Launceston: Open folk conference.
Lloyds Launceston hotel: Arvo session at noon on Sunday.Mowbray Hotel, Mowbray: Kolkata, one o'clock P.M.Devonport Center: Jeff Woodward.Lloyd Hotel Launceston: Industrial Night, noon, free pool, specialty drinks.
Star Bar in Launceston: Phil Picasso.
Helens crossing: Christmas Eve crossing.
Deloraine Bush Inn: DJ, from nine o'clock P.M.Burnie: Cam, bar in MAGINTY.Lloyd Hotel Launceston: classic original night, live entertainment.Crossing St. Helens: Orphan Christmas, one o'clock P.M.MURPHYS, Launceston Ireland: top shelf.Launceston New York: UNY night.Business Hotel Launceston: DJ DragoniteLloyds Launceston hotel: from ten o'clock P.
, there are special drinks, karaoke, DJ's on a formal college night.It's free to go out.If you have anything you would like to promote through this section, please call Glenda on 6336th7377 or send an email to gbinns @ examiner to let us knowcom.au before 4.Pre-publication Monday night at 30
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