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by:Winbridge      2019-10-23
The 40 th birthday is a milestone to celebrate.If you hold a party for a 40-year-old woman, forget the banner and age of "crossing the Hill --Related jokes, but pay attention to the woman you are celebrating its life.Even if the birthday girl has some fear of reaching this milestone, you can help her to have a happy birthday that she will never forget.
Use your friend's 40-year-old to remind her how special it is for you.Hold a birthday barbecue and ask all guests to plan ahead to tell an interesting or lovely story about a VIP ---But make sure the guests know that their story is fun and not mean.Plan a trivia game that covers events that have taken place in the last 40 years or birthday girl's year of birth.
Put slides or short films together to show how distinguished guests have changed over the years;You can also play a game where the guest has to guess her age on any given photo.You can even create your own "this is your life" slide using PowerPoint or similar software.Set up a karaoke machine and sing along with music for decades from your birthday girl to a child and teenager.
Does anyone come in costumes that represent the year of her birth?If you think the party won't make your friend feel fully celebrated, take her out for a special day.Try a day at the spa for her and her best girlfriend, including nail art, pedicure, facial treatments and massages.Take her to a place that makes sense to her, or where she has always wanted to go.
If you live by the water, consider having a beach party or celebration on board.Any milestone birthday deserves special decoration.Zoom in on old photos including family photos, baby photos and yearbook photos.
Ask relatives if they have any old awards or trophies that they can lend you to decorate ---From sports trophies to diplomas-And create a diorama to celebrate your birthday friend.Ask birthday guests to write postcards that describe the happy moments they share with the VIPs, or write a paragraph or poem that describes what she means to them and highlight them around the party venue.Later, you can put postcards in a book that your friends will always treasure.
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