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by:Winbridge      2019-10-23
Plan an unforgettable and memorable overnight party for your child.Children aged 12, 13 and 14 may be "too old" to attend a classic birthday party;However, they are not "too old" to have fun all night.From invitations to party games to some supplies and some ideas, you'll need to start planning the ultimate overnight event.
Help your child make an overnight invite with card inventory, building paper and markers.She also needs a photo of every friend she invited to the party.Use building paper and card materials to make the bed.
Cut the card paper of the small square, make a pillow, and stick it to the bed with tape.Put a photo of every girl's face and you have to come to the pillow party.Write down the party details in bed and hand pass the invitation to the party guests.
Clean up a large room where guests spend most of their time and the pillows, blankets, big quilts and sleeping bags fill the room.Place a CD player or karaoke machine in the guest room so that party guests can sing and dance.Add white flashing lights to the edge of the ceiling to resemble the stars.
To add to the fun, hang pajamas, fuzzy slippers, fun boxers and pajamas on the walls of the party area.Make homemade s' mores using a microwave ovennight snack.Let the party guests lay half of Graham cookies, a small chocolate bar, a big marshmallow and the other half of Graham cookies on it.
Put s 'mores' on the plate and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.Another interesting activity for party guests is friendship books.Give guests a few sheets of paper, glue, markers and stickers.
Let them create a book and include a page about each guest at the party.This event gives any unfamiliar face a chance to meet new people.Before the party, play the name game by downloading a few pop songs on a CD or MP3 player.
Let teenagers sit on the floor and play a small part of each song.Give each guest who guessed a song a small prize.You can also award extra prizes for guests who guess the artist, and a big prize for those who guess the song is the most correct.
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