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For celebrities around the world, the American Academy Awards, an unforgettable event to start choosing the perfect outfit a few months in advance and finish on an Oscar night, you will be looking forward to all the pomp and environment in Hollywood!
Most of us will never experience this magic in person, but with a little creativity, this magic can be created in your own backyard and taken care of before a big event.
The original International Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was established in 1927 and was established by a prominent group in the film industry including Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Cecil B.Dermere and Louis B.Mayer.In 1929, the first Academy Awards ceremony was held in a black man.Dinner in a tie at the Roosevelt Hotel.Over the years, the event has developed into the most anticipated and outstanding awards ceremony in the world, televised nationwide, paying tribute to actors, actresses, directors, composers, producers, screenwriters and other people from all over the world make outstanding works in the film field.Past winners include Halley Berry, Tom Hanks, Hillary Swansea, Mary Pickford, Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Marcia guyHarden, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Sean Payne and many others.The best pictures include American beauties, dancing with Wolves, slumdog millionaires, Million Dollar Babies, crashes, old people without country, Titanic and Shakespeare's love.
At the Academy Awards ceremony, both the award and the nominated guests will take care of themselves with massages, manicures, pedicures, hairstyles and makeup.They slept late and ate very little, saving their appetite to wait for their grand banquet after any fashionable event --parties.They wear the most expensive dresses, dresses and shoes, and millions of dollars worth of gadgets rented by Harry Winston, Tiffany and Neil Lane.Just before the ceremony, millions of people were surprised to watch some of the most fascinating people in the world walk out of their limo and into the spotlight, and thousands of flashes lit up the night, paparazzi call the most famous man on Earth

Even with a limited budget, it's easy to recreate the Oscar magic.This is because many of the things you need to create magic are very cheap and you may already have a lot of things lying around the house.By playing your creativity, you can make almost everything you need for this amazing party without using an external contractor.This will allow you to spend the rest of your money on a limo to provide a round trip party service for your guests.Imagine the romantic glow of thousands of white lights in your yard, scattered over trees and hedges, tiki torches lit up the night, the accents of gold, silver, red and black create a stylish atmosphere.

As with any party, your invitation will be your business card and it is very special to announce that you will invite a group of specific people to a commitment.The more invitations, the more creative you are, the more interested your guests will be.
Using 5x7 black card paper with gold script will add an elegant touch.The invitation letter printed using the color shown at the party adds cohesion and is an endorsement of your impeccable attention to detail.Consider brushing the edges of the card paper with transparent glue water, and wiping the card paper with gold and silver glitter and small red sequins to add style.

To evoke the taste of old Hollywood.Before gluing or pasting to the background of black and flash, scallops or the edge of burning copy paper or white card paper.An invitation is sent to guests with a black envelope and a script printed address, using a shiny golden paint pen.
If you have the ability to do so, please make sure that the invitation letter lets guests know that they will be picked up and returned home by the limousine you rent.Also, if you would like to make this a black tie or have the guest put on the night color, be sure to indicate your preference on the invitation.

Oscar is as famous as celebrities walking on the red carpet because they have prepared a very valuable bag of stolen goods for the Oscar host.These bags are usually filled with trendy items such as designer handbags, precious jewelry, spa vouchers, vacation packages, designer shoes, etc.You can create your own version of the Swag package for a much lower price as an extra bonus for your guests!
First select a small gift bag in shiny black or gold with a rope handle of the same color.For the added torch, you can purchase a fluffy or feather material and glue it with hot glue on the edge of the bag.Gifts can be placed in red paper towels in black bags and gold paper towels in gold bags.
Gift ideas may include silk lipstick caddies with mirrors;Compact Mirror;Sunglasses in black or gold;A bottle of wine the size of an adult guest's trip;Small box of Godiva chocolate;Small photo frame;Wooden sketch box;Travel-sized lotion or bath oil bottles;There are exquisite playing cards on it;Coasters for decorative art design;and more.
Unless you have personalized luggage, one can be placed at each place for guests to find their luggage on arrival.By ensuring that each package is slightly different, you will provide an opportunity for your guests to communicate and compare swag while they are waiting for your project to officially begin.

Intimate gatherings in their own backyard are often the most comfortable and enjoyable.While cleaning and preparing the environment requires more work than renting space, choosing your own home as a venue allows you the flexibility to create the atmosphere of your choice, it includes the sound of playing music, the level of lights and the time of the party.
A large sign next to the driveway entrance should signal where the guest will be dropped off by the limousine.The beautiful logo can be easily made from a large, quarterly inch thick black poster board mounted on a thin silver rod.Buy sparkling silver letters and install them on board with hot glue.

Entering the Oscar is essential.Everyone wants to see and be seen on the red carpet.The red carpet can be purchased at a variety of party supplies stores, including online stores for eastern trade.com.You can buy it online cheaper than make it, but if you like a more luxurious, durable red carpet, you can consider buying fabric from a local fabric store, make it one of the necessary lengths and widths.
Use the red carpet to row your driveway from the mouth to the garage.If you have enough carpet to line up from the driveway entrance to the party entrance, you will get the best results.I like to line up on the sidewalk with tiki torches to create more warmth and intimacy.
Along the sides of the red carpet, the sidewalk is arranged with large golden stars, simulating the sidewalk outside the grauman Chinese theater.On each star, paste the names of different guests with sparkling silver letters.Place two inflatable movie buff statues in the head of the walkway, which can also be purchased online from Orientaltrading.com.It's $9 right now.99 each.
When guests arrive, open the playlist with songs such as puby TACO and Hurray sung by Johnny Scott Davis for Hollywood.
When your guest sees the party area for the first time, you want it to make a lasting impression, so the lights and colors are essential.Create an engaging dining experience with 8 feet tables or 6 to 8 top round tables covered with black linens.There should be small candles floating on the table in brandy snifters and colorful floral arrangements.If using eight-Foot tables, set them up end-to-end, create a long table in the center of it and place a large silver candle holder.You can also choose to use the black, silver and gold balloon bouquets, which are tied to the golden or silver balloon bouquets with golden ribbons.All of these items can be found in most party supplies stores that will also inflate your balloons with helium.Bouquet adds elegance but a bit whimsical to your event.
The table should be set up with a gold plate and a silver vessel with a golden accent.Each place has wine glasses with red, gold or silver wine charm, as well as heavy lead cups with golden edges, all with a particularly good accent.If you do not provide enough wine or lead cups for each guest, you can consider renting them.If this is on your budget, you can buy the plastic champagne flute that looks very beautiful in bulk from any number of party supplies stores.I have already used these and it works very well.Best of all, my table is beautiful but I don't have to worry about anything being broken.The same is true for dishes and utensils.If needed, you can set up an incredible table with gold plastic plates and cutlery.I have done it and it is still very elegant.The guests commented on how beautiful the table was.I recommend using black napkins as per the color scheme, but red napkins are also a good accent for the table.The settings for each place should include a pre-printed card with the title of the 5 songs that appear in the movie and a pen.Choose songs that may appeal to the audience.This will be explained further in the procedure section.
There should be a bag filled with gifts everywhere.This is not necessarily expensive, just take advantage of your creativity and your knowledge of the guests and choose a fun, memorable gift.You can go back to the previous page and get some concise ideas for men and women.
The White festive lights pass through the trees, and the Bushes shine warm and romantic light at the party.

Tables and chairs (8 feet)

Boom box or i-

Hot glue gun/stick or Krazy Glue (unless the letter is your own

When planning your project, it is crucial to make every guest feel like they are part of a special night and give them something to look forward.I purchased a small Oscar replica at a local trophy and awards store.If you wish, you can pay an extra fee to have each "winner" name and award name engraved in advance.Trade in the east.Com also has a movie gold buff trophy for $10 a dozen, which is not durable but very interesting.
To create a real award podium, I set up a card table in the center with a crate covering the whole thing with gold linens.I bought a board of directors to decorate the table with the Oscar statue.
Use the microphone to make sure all your guests hear the show.When you name the various stupid awards you pre-arranged, they will appreciate it.To make sure the program runs smoothly, type the script in advance.To add to the evening atmosphere, I chose to wear a dance dress that was saved from my sister's wedding.It was a perfect wardrobe option when I was the show host.I plan to prepare a black skirt for the "party" section after the evening party.
Before announcing each award, let your audience know that it is their responsibility to vote for the "best song" award.Nominations for each place are printed on the card.
Rewards should be planned for each confirmed guest and written into the program.The awards should include personal humor for each guest and fit the theme of the movie.
Best comedy actress, who won the best comedy actress award for her title role in the popular blockbuster Jaynie baker.
Best supporting actor, he plays Wendy's quirky boyfriend in comedy/drama Wendy and Ken's wild ride.
Michael Blettner is the best director.
Best Voice Award-After work, Alicia Trudel went because she played Walt Disney's joke hyena in The Lion King.
Another option for a host throughout the show is to have each winner announce the subsequent winner until all Awards are awarded.This will help further attract all guests and give the host or hostess the opportunity to have a bite with his or her guests.
In order to combine the nominees of the five main movie best songs, distribute them evenly between awards and play them when announced.These breaks on the show will give guests the opportunity to get more food, stretch their legs and even dance a little.It also ensures that every guest remembers every song considered by the big prize.If you are inviting guests who are willing to be truly committed, you can even arrange for the choice of songs that can perform karaoke style and allow guests to agree to perform each song on the spot, like at the real Academy Awards!Karaoke machines can be rented in many party supplies stores.
At the end of the awards event, guests are invited to vote for "Best Songs" and collect votes.Announce the winner of the best song category and start-Let the guests dance to the party with the song.Songs played after the gameThe party is best a song from the main movie.
Many party shops have movie-themed song CDs.You can also search for the exact song you want on I-Tunes.When preparing the CD, remember to mix the music together so that you can put one or two slower songs every five or six dance songs.This will give guests the opportunity to catch their breath and attract a variety of dance styles, abilities and levels of energy.

Many celebrities participated several times.Oscar night partyThis allows people to see them pass by the cream of the Hollywood crop.Even rich and famous people can be moved by stars while walking on the red carpet in their lives --long idols.After this traditionParty jumping offers you a great opportunity to plan a round robin with a few of your closest friends.The main host can serve as the host and preside over the evening award ceremony section, which does not provide anything but drinks.Friends can share the cost of the limo, which makes it more affordable and provides a designated driver for the evening to ensure that all drinkers can move around safely.The limo is stocked with soda or champagne at the request of the car hire, so be sure to ask about anything you might want to include.After the awards ceremony, guests can go to another location for an appetizer dinner and then go to the final destination for coffee, dessert and dance.Ladies can even decide to do a manicure or massage before the evening celebration and change clothes in every house where they can change clothes, just like a Hollywood actress!

The rest of the evening is up to you.Once the show is over, this is the perfect time for guests to continue to socialize, dance, eat, drink and read their bags.As a master or hostess, this is the time when you let magic happen.Enjoy!

Order supplies through Oriental trade.

If not ordered through the Oriental trade, buy the Oscar gold statue.

Grocery shopping (get as much pre-

At this party, I prefer a variety of appetizers rather than a big meal.Guests can enjoy a variety of delicious food while enjoying evening entertainment.You can choose the appetizer of your choice.I prefer raw vegetables including meatballs, cocktail wieners, various dipping sauces, biscuit cheese, tuna skins for beef skins and cocktail ryes, Apple grilled Brie, crab-Stuffed mushroom cap, Brussels bread and a variety of desserts such as mini cream puffs, cheesecake, cupcakes and cakes©Chris.
The good thing about this kind of food is that you can find a lot of food already prepared at the local deli.This will save you time and stress.I will include recipes for something you might want to make at the end of this chapter, but consider purchasing other itemsmade.It won't add a lot to the cost and you will be glad you did.
Since the portion size of the appetizer is often small, make sure you have enough of each and every food for your guests to taste some of it and be satisfied.
You can offer a variety of wines, highIn addition to sparkling and bottled water for guests who don't drink, there is an end beer or champagne.

½ lb.
4 tbsp.
1/10 lb.

Preheat the oven to 390 degrees.Bring the refrigerated pastries to room temperature, but do not remove the packaging.Put Brie's wheels on the plate and cover them with apple stuffing.Top with nuts.
Remove the package when the pastry piece reaches room temperature.Fold Brie into a pastry sheet and place it on a greased baking pan.Pinch the pastry together, seal and trim the excess.
Brush the pastry sheet with chicken protein.Bake 20-25 minutes or until the shell is light gold.

1 to 1.5 lb.
1 to 1.5 lb.Round brie cheese with crust, 6-

Cut half an inch over the bread.To make the bread shell, insert a toothpick on the top of the cut bread, 1 inch from the edge.Cut the bread around the toothpick with a jagged knife, leaving a base of 1 inch thick.Gently remove the center with your fingers.If necessary, trim the cheese into a circle 2 inch smaller than the diameter of the bread.Insert the cheese into the bread and wrap it with foil.Bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees or until the heat passes through.
It is covered with strawberry and apple slices dipped in lemon juice.Cut into wedges and serve.Makes 16-20 servings.

¾ lb.

One 7.5 oz.
4 tbsp.

2 tbsp.
2 tbsp.
1 tsp.
1/8 tsp.
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.Remove the stem from the mushroom and brush the cover with melted butter.Arrange a baking tray with oil.Crab meat and crab meat.2 tablespoons crab meat.Crumbs, eggs, mayonnaise, leeks, lemon juice, pepper and 2 tablespoons.Butter in a small bowl
Fill each mushroom cap with a crab mixture.Combine 2 tbsp.Butter and leftover crumbs;Sprinkle on the crab stuffing.Bake for 15 minutes.Serve hot.

There are 6 or 7 Mature plum tomatoes (about 1.

1 tbsp.
1 tsp.

Prepare the tomatoes first.Cook the tomatoes in boiling water just removed from the burner for 1 minute.Drain.Remove the tomato skin with a sharp knife.(If tomatoes are too hot, rub them with ice cubes between tomatoes to protect your fingers ).After the tomatoes are peeled, cut in half or half and remove the seeds and juice from the center.Also cut and discard stem areas.
Make sure there is a top shelf in the oven.Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.
When the oven is heated, chop up the tomatoes.Mix tomatoes, garlic and 1 tablespoon in a large bowl.Extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.Add chopped basil.Taste of salt and pepper.
Cut the baguette to about inches thick.Paint olive oil on one side of each piece with a pastry brush.Put olive oil on the cooking table.Toast on the top shelf of the oven, so you may need multiple batches.Bake for 5 to 6 minutes or until the bread begins to turn golden brown.
The bread on the end is aligned with the olive oil side up.Use Brussels bread immediately before serving to avoid damp bread.You can also put the bread in a bowl for the guests to eat by themselves.
About 24.
As an alternative, you can also choose to put Brussels bread on the bread sheet and put a teaspoon of bread on it.of goat cheese.Until the cheese starts to bubble, then serve immediately.

2.5 ob.Cold Western steak (or front)
4 tbsp.

¾ tsp.
2 tsp.
1 tsp.
1 tsp.
1 tsp.

If you use the cold steak, cut the beef chop.Put in a food processor and chop/puree until the meat is the consistency of ground beef.
Mix with ingredients;Refrigerate for 2 hours.
Mound on plate and well decorationdrained capers.Eat on sliced cocktail rye bread with chopped boiled eggs and sliced red onions.
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