karaoke pa system SunSmart message promoted at Norwood Primary School

by:Winbridge      2019-09-15
As part of SunSmart's visit, students at Norwood Elementary School were warned of the dangers of warm months on Wednesday.With September marking the beginning of the sunshine season, Mrs. French said that people of all ages must be aware of the rise in UV levels.
"From now until the end of April, there are more than three UV rays, so we want to make sure people do the right thing outdoors," she said ."."The participation rate for this program has been increasing, so I think the kids got this information."UV is completely irrelevant to temperature, so even if the UV is high, it can be a cool and cloudy day.
"People need to use sunscreen according to the UV level.The year of the Tasmanian SunSmart program delivered through the Cancer Council.Mrs. French said that while resources have evolved, the foundation of the initiative has beenxa0Stay the same.
"We have been adding messages, but in general it has beenxa0Very consistent, "she said."The only thing that changes a little is the slope part."We want sunscreen to be the last line of defense after protective clothing and hats.
For Mr Jones, doing SunSmart includesxa0Provide studentsxa0There are various sheltered areas opposite the school.He said it was just one of the ways in which the message was conveyed throughout the grade."We try to have a green leaf environment," he said .
"When they listen to the message at the end of lunch, there is also a shade."If students don't have hats then they don't play and we always remind them."Even if we had a carnival, we would encourage it.
xa0Parents of the PA system wear hats and we make sure that teachers follow the policy when they are out on duty
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