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by:Winbridge      2019-10-03
Epson MovieMate 60 projector is a powerful home theater projector that can provide you with the ultimate bigScreen Entertainment is available anywhere you go.Provide powerful film performances, provide largeThe color and white light output of 2000 lumens and the dynamic contrast of 3000: 1 Bring the screen drama, sound and the excitement you want.In addition, this stylish and portable speaker includes a pair of 10-watt dual Dolby Digital DTS speakers with an HDMI connection.
Themovi60 V11H319220 portable projector can be performed on any blank screen or wall and a film is shown 8 times larger than a 40 widescreen TV.In fact, it can display 80 "widescreen pictures from a distance of 7.It feels like only 8 or 11 120 photos.8 feet away.It has a handy cushion suitcase with a handle that is easy to carry and only needs a power outlet to work.
In addition to watching movies, you can also play video games, sing karaoke, and plug in with a PC or digital camera to enjoy pictures and home videos in a more innovative way.Epson MovieMate 60 V11H319220 adopts 3LCD technology, which provides excellent color and detail, making it reliable and durable and trusted by millions of users around the world.In addition, it includes 3-Chip design and technology to produce clear and vibrant images.
Epson MovieMate 60 V11H319220 home theater project features white and color light output of 2000 lumens, the ISO 21118 standard for white light output and is also used by other competing products than the highest ANSI lumens rating.This projector includes innovative electronics.TORL lights are a reliable performer that provides more lumens per watt for up to 5000 hours.
Even in full brightness mode, the efficiency of the lamp can be achieved through its 4000-hour light performance.More importantly, replaceTORL lights are about $150 cheaper than other replacement lights, so in addition to minimizing presentation time, it minimizes operating costs.The Epson MovieMate projector features multi-function connectivity, including HDMI support, and can be easily enjoyed while having more entertainment options.
Just plug in the flash drive and you will be able to run the slides of the digital picture.You can even play the background music of the same drive with slides.It's so easy to connect to video consoles like Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 or Microsoft Xbox.
Also, you can connect your iPod and play songs and project videos from your favorite playlists.Not only that, the convenience of connecting a cable or satellite TV receiver, PC or Mac or even karaoke microphone with a projector will surely surprise you.Epson MovieMate 60 projector is designed to go anywhere with you to provide you with a theater-Enjoy the experience of party, vacation or going back to school.
This is the smallest combined projector with a weight of only 9 lbs.3 lb.The MovieMate V11H319220 of Epson2 comes with a 2-year limited warranty, packed with MovieMate 60, AC power cord, remote control and battery, CD and electronic registration utility, padded suitcase and quick guide
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