karaoke version Personal Experiences: Poems and Songs of My Life

by:Winbridge      2019-12-14
I create poems and songs to inspire others and share my different emotions with people who can read and hear me sing.
People are a kind of social existence.Our ancestors used our ability to sing and speak long ago to convey the message that inspired them to build their country and conquer the continent, leaving behind the legacy that we still read and sing from our compilation of world history and books called The Bible man.
Everyone has the ability to build simple poetry into complex adventure stories that we still like today, especially the literature of the great empire, it continues to inspire us to celebrate life by compiling personal poems and songs waiting for others to read.

"During the beginning of the practice.Our national hero doctor gave me a lot of inspiration.

"Express his love for the country and call on young people to make a positive contribution to the country.

This has aroused the core of my emotions and made me believe in myself.I still have the talent to cultivate.
This is the beginning I never had.End the passion of writing poetry and songs.I even won local honors with songs and poems published in high school and college.
I do poetry and add chords to it.Although it seems simple, the poem I wrote in the local dialect (Tagalog and bicorur) won a warm welcome in the local area.
I did not write my English poem.Become a song in a big game.I have no courage to win the national competition.At the very least, I am sharing some poems that I have become songs (the video is not included yet ).
I also included one of the karaoke versions of the more popular songs we used to sing on board.

This is also my favorite because of "Jack" (our senior chef, my partner)in-Crime in the kitchen ).

And will not forget her/him.

You searched.

Promise of love.

I know you feel the same way.

Stop the damage inside us.
A little trust does ruin our lives.
The love we shared was thrown into the trash.

I think time will be long.

we felt inside.

What happened in our lives?

This makes us laugh and cry.

Help you relax?

Who can really keep your secret?

When you are depressed and depressed.


When you need him/her the most.

To survive.

He/she will always be by your side.

Let you know that everything is fine.
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