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by:Winbridge      2019-10-23
The 21-year-old birthday celebration can be exciting for girls and boys who are eager to enjoy unforgettable experiences on special days.Birthday plans can include ideas for custom games, drinking, or searching for souls to differentiate them from previous years.Combine traditional celebrations and events related to your interests to create a unique 21-year-old birthday idea.
Replace the traditional "Happy Birthday" song with Paddington's "21" group performance.Buy the musical instrument version of the song.Musical instrument tracks will only include background music.
Instrumental songs allow you to replace the lead singer with your own voice.If you can't find Paddington's instrument, replace the instrument track with a karaoke version.Find and print a copy of the lyrics of the "21" song for each guest at the party from the home computer.
Guide guests to sing this song with you before blowing out the candles on the birthday cake.Collect Recipes for 21 mixed drinks that you would like to try on your birthday.Purchase the alcohol ingredients for each drink from the liquor store.
Visit the grocery store and buy any remaining ingredients of a mixed drink including soda, juice, olives, ice and fruit.Ask a friend of yours for a martini wine mixer as a premium birthday present.Host a cocktail party at home and invite friends to help you prepare a drink recipe using all the necessary ingredients.
Taste your results and rate drinks by 1 to 5 criteria, 5 of which are the best and 1 is the worst.Have a drink for five top choices and instruct your friends to repeat the process for their own favorites.Invite three friends to the video game marathon for your birthday.
Buy three of your favorite video games and snacks during the marathon.Choose a partner from your three guests to pair with you and the two remaining friends.Challenge each other in your birthday celebration to win the most games.
Design a scrapbook that you can use every month before you are 22 years old.Visit the craft supply store and purchase a 12 by 12 inch mail bound scrapbook.Purchase a scrapbook kit of 12 by 12 inch which includes a birthday theme and two packs of stickson numbers.
Although the contents of the scrapbook kit are different, they usually include paper, stickers, moldsCut letters and related decorations required to decorate scrapbook albums.Build a scrapbook using the items in the kit.Specify a page in your scrapbook album to represent each month of the year.
Attach your own photo on the first page of this scrapbook.Use the stick to create a "21" on this page"Digitally, decorate the area around the photo.Write a plan and add an unforgettable photo to your scrapbook every month until you are 22 years old.
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