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Professional record jockey (Disc) provides entertainment services for a variety of activities.The main responsibility of a DJ is to provide music at a club, party or wedding reception, although in fact they cover a wider range of tasks.DJs are usually expected to serve as hosts, introducing singers on karaoke nights, brides and grooms to a wedding reception, or introducing controversial new tracks at the dance club.
Tipping a DJ is not mandatory but is usually preferred and is always appreciated (reference 2 ).When you hire a DJ for an event, you pay a fixed fee for her service.According to the American record Jockey Association, the cost ranges from $350 to $5,000.
So why did you tip the DJ on it?In the service industry, it is common practice for a DJ to tip a service provider, especially because the tip flows directly to the DJ, not the entire company.However, it is still up to you to decide whether to tip the DJ or not.Experienced DJ Bill Smith gave some points in his article "hire DJ: points to consider" to determine the number of tips to DJ.
\ "Consider to what extent the DJ meets your expectations.Did the DJ read the crowd well and keep them entertained through music and performance?Did the DJ arrive on time? Is she dressed properly?Finally, is the DJ professional all night? Did she provide the services that both of you agreed?If you can answer "yes" to the above question, then it is not appropriate for you to tip the DJ at night.How much you tip depends on the type of DJ you work.
If you are in a bar or club and want to hear a song, the standard tip is $1 per request (tip ).org).Further advice is that if you are in a dance club, it is recommended to tip you $5 to $10. Being a bad or unusual request can kill the atmosphere and damage the reputation of the DJ (tip ).
If you're singing karaoke, DJ Carlos Sanchez suggests that the price of each song you sing is about $1 and the average tip per night is about $4 to $5 (refer to 1 ).In large events such as weddings or birthday parties, the standard tip is usually a percentage of the total cost of the DJ.The wedding area recommends a tip of 10% to 15%, while the wedding area recommends a tip range of $50 to $150 for a DJ.
Whether your tip is $50 or $150 depends on the quality of service you receive.When giving a DJ a small time at a club or karaoke bar, you can give the DJ some cash at night.Just make sure he or she is not on the microphone or somewhere else.
The agreement to tip the hired event DJ is slightly more formal.Tip your DJ in cash at the end of the reception or party.Tip should be in the envelope and give it directly to the DJ.
At weddings, groomsmen are usually the nominees for tipping.If he cannot do so, the responsibility will be handed over to the father of the bride and then finally to the bride himself (reference 2 ).Prepare any tips in advance, which makes it less troublesome to deliver them at night.
You can always adjust the amount in the envelope before paying
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