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by:Winbridge      2019-10-17
If you walk in yourselfAny help and spiritual part of the bookstore, you will notice that there is a wealth of spiritual dialogue everywhere on the map, and there is enough common ground to show that our observation route is the same.Everyone seems to be asking the same question.Is it possible to combine our own beliefs with the truth collected from our life experiences, called "spirituality "?What is spirituality?Spirituality is only a manifestation of holiness and life --Give power to make up all of you through every action and thought.
This is the essence of your realization in the form of the highest idea you can imagine, such as trust, courage, wisdom, forgiveness, non-Judgment, compassion, pure light and love conveyed through every pore of your skin.This is a personal interpretation, and the personal truth of practicing spirituality in today's world will be explained by yourself, as many have previously walked on this planet and left a unique legacy.Your will also have your own special character that resonates with those who have inspired you, and may even be different from those who are mainstream or hard to define.
There is no greater freedom than to explore and create a personal truth, which will lead you to accept the divine in your own way.If you allow true self-transmission, free from the environment, to reach a place where you are willing to give up certainty, there is nothing that prevents you from becoming spiritual.How did you start to find that place?Take a course that everyone on Earth is enrolled in: Real Life 101.
Use poetry instead of analysis to listen to your heartbeat.Then observe every day.Because we have downloaded important software, there are many opportunities to be spiritual.Installing a new version may make some important features recognized by our drivers, but it is not necessary for our system to work.
We came as a complete package!Begin to notice the real nature, or the real self, the little things that have been naked in our hearts in its perfect design.This is the song of our spirit.We will sing in a different way-thankfully we have our own instrument or life will be very boring but the song works through us.It is interactive and tactile, and on earth it comes from the heart as a personalized reproduction.
To express the true self, internalize the concept of who you are and make it part of the structure of your being.Through emotion, we should practice this idea well.This is a living idea.Not long ago we had a graduation party for our two sons and in party planning I added a karaoke machine that thought the kids would love to be blasting all night.
To my surprise, adults have full control of the microphone, especially those in their 70 s, and through a few glasses of wine, in some way become possible.I smiled as I sat, while my friend was trying to funk, and I also noticed the look on their faces as everyone systematically stopped caring about their voice.They sing with enthusiasm and honesty, and in general their expressions are more important than the courage on Saturday night --The joy of being abandoned becomes possible because it is basically an exercise to explain the self.
After stripping away concerns about whether we will sound like Celine Dion, self-We are motivated by expression.Realize-even in someone's backyard.We can sing the same song happily and feel irreplaceable.Who cares if we're a little biased?key?Jimmy Buffett and her sister had never had a good voice.
When I was sitting there, I thought that most of us spent a lot of time figuring out how to show the world our own reproduction of ourselves.This is an innate desire. we just want a captive audience.We want our music to be heard keenly.What makes us feel strong is it.The problem is that we ignore the possibility that we have made a difference because we are not on the show today.For most of us, everyday simple behavior is an opportunity to show our true self, our songs, and the eternal spirit that permeates the core of our being.
We can sing at work, at home and in the community.In doing so, we find the main true power, that is, the divine within us, that is, our symphony.Then we have the power.We were born with strength.We just need to re-Discover it, remember that authorization is about the self-power gained by knowing the true self, rather than turning the whole population into your point of view, victory, or protest.
Now is the time to re-examine our music for your reasons and turn the bra back on or off.Life is to play your spiritual songs over and over again in your chosen venue.Why is it essential to know the source of our own strength to maintain a positive outlook on life?Because we are constantly meeting people who are trying to take away our power and weaken our light.
The spiritual power is about consciously and subtly showing the authorized state, with love, through your actions, with a deep connection to the present.Is this a creative exercise?Of course, because you can choose how to become the art of life.You can bring the spirit through you-that's how you express your personality, draw a real --Selfie in the process.
Over time, it will become the quilt of your own myths, sewn in the intricacies of symbolism, commemorating your inner journey and creator.When self-When you realize your true self, spiritual consciousness will appear and art will become you.©Goddess Network Co., Ltd.and Charlene M.Proctor, Ph.D.2007.All rights reserved.Seek more powerful ideas!Registration E-Show, a series of inspiring lectures!.
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